Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Years to everyone!

So yeah, like the title says, HNY to you all <3333333333333
I know, I haven't updated in...about 1 or 2 months? Well, I haven't got a good excuse really. The last day of school was the 22nd, and up until that day from the weekend before, I was having major breakdowns in school, due to me not being able to stand my personality, not being able to keep up with deadlines, and failing a mock science exam (which resulted in my crying after school and telling myself that my parents will think I'm a failure). Apart from that though, all good x'D
For Christmas, I got a new phone, and 50 quid. It might not seem like much, but, I'm from a working middle-class family, we're not poor, but we're not rich either, so my parents got me the best they wanted to give me :') I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace (which I'll blog fully about ASAP, it really is an amazing phone, mine is purple which came with a black back cover as an extra) which is currently 15 pounds a month, but I've already spent, like, 1.20 quid online (for a website called '', don't ask -.-"), unlimited internet, and a really cool camera. In fact, the post about my phone will have some cam-whoring and panorama photos which my phone took while I wasn't blogging, so yeah :'P
I also got (in school) presents from my friends, which were:
1. A 480+ page sketch book, with card paper (but not smudgy, so it's just a thicker-than-normal-paper paper :'P), which have 482 outlines of model figures in different poses, so that I can design and draw clothing on them. And the lines of the models don't show up when I scan the designs, which is really cool <3
2. A Hello Kitty key-chain (it's really cute, I'll have a pic of it in the next post) and a packet of sweets from Alex...
3. A cinnamon-honeysuckle scented candle from Harriet (it's like this huuuuge candle, thick and everything). It's dark red with a  gold christmas-like trim around it...
4. And finally, a bath set from Michelle. It has a normal body lotion, and body scrub, and sponge (it's hard to describe, so my next post will include pictures of that too :'P), and 3 lavender-coloured roses, which aren't actually real. But they're nice as decorations :') Best of all, it's all lavender scented <3333 I love lavender, in case some of you don't know ;'D
Last week, I also got some shoes, slippers, and make-up, which I'll be showing in the next post (too) :'P.
I also have some pictures of food I had eaten the week before, but when I took the pictures with my camera, I just left them there, so I'll upload those in a post about food :'3
So, all in all, 2011 has been a good year. I've been getting along with others in school, I'm not bullied anymore (only once or twice still, but, my legs are too sexy for them to handle, so they shut up pretty quickly ;'D), I've spent more time with my parents, and, I've been in a good body shape all year :'D
But, there have been bad things too, such as my breakdowns that I mentioned before, the fact that Ionly saw my best-friend, like, twice this year (we're having a sleepover next Saturday though, we've been talking to each other today and we miss each other like crazy T_T), and the fact that I didn't end up going to a modeling agency.
It's all good though. I wish anyone reading this to be lucky, happy, and healthy in 2012, and to do good for others, and of course, yourself. Reflect 2011 and see it as a way to see how you can improve your ways and such. Here are my resolutions:
- To start modeling.
- To buy more high heels and hang out with my tall friend Samya :'L
- To be more organized.
- To get a boyfriend (preferably an asian one. I sound desperate, but, I just want to be in a relationship. I need to go out more too, LOL).
- To go out more (like I mentioned). You know, for walks, to parties, shopping, or just to get fresh air. Anything, really.
- To design one outfit a day in my present (the sketchbook for designing clothes that I mentioned).
- To get into sport.
- To post on my blog at least once a week :')
- And, finally, to improve on my art. I'm into realistic drawing lately, and even though I'm already doing well at it, I want to be perfect :'L
So, tl:dr, Happy New Years everyone, and I hope y'all have a fucking great year :'D I mean, I was hoping my best friend would've slept at mine today, but she had dinner with the fam(ily), so me and my parents watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 while eating Polish food :'3
And I'm sorry again for not blogging >////< I'm going to change the layout of my blog soon, so it'll be more fun to read in the future, hopefully ^^ Oh, and Merry Late Christmas to you all <3
Love y'all!

Sunday, 11 December 2011


Hey everyone! I've lately wanted to make a post about rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose surgery.
When I'm 18, I'm going to have nose surgery. But if the rest of my face 'grows' into proportion with my big nose (when I'm 18), then I'll just leave it, and maybe just have plastic surgery on the tip of my nose (it's very round, and it's very had to contour because of it shape >.<). I've already asked my mum if she would allow me to have surgery on my nose, and she said it's fine, but only when I'm 16-18 years old, so that I have a lot of time to think about it.
I know you (the reader) is probably thinking I'm making this post for attention, but that's only half the reason (LOL). I want to let my readers (whether following or not) know that if they want plastic surgery anywhere on their face, go for it. As long as you wait 'til you're 18 (if you are already, then don't worry about that, or set yourself an age up until you get surgery), as long as you know the risks, and as long as you are very sure you want the surgery, then go ahead.
I'm only saying that because having plastic surgery can change someone. Not only physically, but mentally. If the surgery goes well, and you are feeling confident about your new 'look', then be happy, and know that you achieved something. It will make you more social, or it could make you feel as if no-one is staring, but either way, it will be a win-win situation.
But remember, be very careful of strange down-town plastic surgeons, or surgeons with no qualifications. You want a new look, not a new reason to save up money to fix your face again.

So yeah, just wanted to say all that. Do what you want, as long as it's not affecting your health or other people.
Love you all <3333

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rise and Fall giveaway!

Hey y'all! I didn't keep my promise and have posted twice in a day again, so yeah, I don't think I should promise things anymore :'P
Rise and Fall is having a giveaway which ends on the 18th of December, 2011! Here is a photo of the things she's giving away:
If you want to know more info on how to enter, see her blog post about her giveaway!
I've been in a giveaway mood lately, the one where I want to enter giveaways! I think that from now on, I'll be entering more giveaways, because some of the things are too cool to not want x'D
Anyways, please enter her giveaway, and if you don't plan to, then cross your fingers that I win /conceited. LOL.
xoxo, Aleks <3

Late, much? -.-"

So yeah, here's the outfit post about 3 days late -.-" I'm sorry, I've just been procrastinating on posting this x'D
Anyways, here's the outfit:

Here's the rundown:
Top which says 'NEW YORK CITY' in big letters. In reality it's a bit more of a yellow-beige colour, not as white as the picture shows. I wore a cardigan on top of my, erm, top (I feel like I'm repeating myself x'D), and then on my lower half I had jeggings, with my new boots which I've made a post about :'P
I had my fur bag with me, obviously, and I had make-up on, but more about that later in this post :')

So yeah, it was pretty fun. When I was going out my mum went out to buy Christmas presents for all my cousins (7 in total, 4 from my dads side and 3 from my mums), and when she came back my friend (Michelle, in case any of you are wondering about who she is x'D) knocked on about 7 minutes later. I felt a bit greedy asking my mum for more money (I had 2 pounds on me from my own 'fund'), so I just hugged her and said bye. When me and Michelle were in town, we went to GeeTee's first, and she bought me my Christmas present there :'P I didn't mind though, because it was a set of lavender bathing things, which included a body lotion, body cream, and hand cream, soap, and a pouf. And some fake lavender smelling flowers, for some reason :'P Then she got another one of our friends something, and then when we both went to Sainsbury's, we saw Paige there. I was like 'Coincidence much?' x'D And while we were mooching around and looking for chocolates to buy, we went to the perfume section, and guess what.
There was a lavender smelling body spray/deodorant.
I just stood there in shock, and since me and Paige are obsessed with lavender, we both just took one each, sprayed the hell out of ourselves, then put the sprays back to their places, and just casually walked off. We were just smelling our hands and clothes to take in as much of the smell <3333
So yeah. Then again at GeeTee's, I bought a set of fake eye-lashes. I have to be honest, they are pretty shit. The first eyelash got ruined when I tried pulling it out, so then I left the other one for when I got home, to cut it in half (they were way too long. My eyes aren't even that small, but damn!). Then we went to McDonald's to eat. Well, actually, only Ben (Paige's 'friend') and Michelle were eating, and they didn't even share :'O I know it's their own money, but Michelle didn't offer anything, and Ben only offered a fry each :'/ I was like 'Yeah, thanks. I guess.'.
Apart from that though, it was fun. I tried on the eyelashes when I got home, and here's the result:
So, uh, yeah....I did blur my skin an bit, but apart from that, all natural! You can see the eyelashes are in the outer corners. They really do lengthen, but they stay on for about 2 minutes before the corner of the eyelashes peel off, and then I have to reapply them. The glue isn't good either, because most eyelash glues turn transparent when they are dry, but this one looked like sleep when it dried! I was like 'Eww, that looks fugly :'/'.
I put on mascara to blend in my eyelashes with the fake ones, and tbh, I think I will only wear these to school once in a while, since my eyelashes are big enough with just mascara on :'P
Hope you all enjoyed this post, and guess what, my followers are now all visible :'O Thank you followers, I appreciate it <3333
xoxo, Aleks <3

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Update :')

I'm going out tomorrow, which means I'll be wearing my new boots, new bag, and (obviously) pretty clothing :'P I've also decided to ask my mum for about 5-10 pounds, since I want to buy myself some fake lashes, fake nails, and maybe a pack of Christmas cards to give out in school ^^ I actually cannot wait, the friend I'm coming out with has strict parents, so she only comes out about, say...once every two months?
Not even that actually, even less. And we won't be out long either, we'll set off to town at about 11 am, and she's gonna have to be home at about 3 pm. I'm not the one to decide how long she stays out, but still....I just wish she came out more often, or for longer...
I'll ask my other friend if she'll come out with us too, the more the merrier :'P And with my other friend I'll be in laughing fits :'D <3
So yeah, just had to tell you all that. But another thing:
So far, I have 4 followers. Two of them are public, but the other two are hidden. If you, the reader, decides to follow my blog, I'd like it if you didn't hide your name and such, but instead, be shown to me (as a follower) publicly. I'd like to know who follows my blog, but not being able to know who half of my followers are is really disheartening. You don't need to be afraid, I won't bite x'D
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post, I'll be posting tomorrow too!
<3333, Aleks

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Can't think of a title :'O

Hey y'all! I went shopping today with my mom and got a few things. You'll enjoy this post if you love fur or high-heel boots :'P
I got these boots:
They really are lovely <3 I was planning on buying other ones, but they looked very different in store than they did on the website, and my mum agreed that the yellow-ish fur and material didn't suit me at all. I found some other ones, but they were, once again, yellow-ish, with grey fur on the top trim, but they were nicer, and had a small wedge heel.
Then I saw these.
I was. In. Love. <333333333333
Seriously. They are comfortable, knee-high, medium-height heel, and the colour is fucking pretty <3 It looks a little red on the photo, but that's the camera flash's fault. They are this sort of brown IRL:
On website.
Yes, I got them from Peacocks. I didn't buy them online though, which I'm now pissed off with, since they were 35 pounds in-store, but online they are 24.50 quid. FFFFUUUUUUUUU-
It doesn't matter, I have them, and they are pretty much gyaru. I think I'll get Liz Lisa inspired dresses in the summer and wear these boots with them :'P
Another thing I got:
The fur looks fine on the top, but at the bottom I happened to edit off (in photoshop) the fur, so I had to do a little smudging to make it have a fur-like effect. It looks really nice in real life though, no worries ;')
The brown leather you see is the same colour as the boots, which is why I bought this bag today. From Peacocks, of course x'D
There's a good story behind it too. When I finally decided to buy those shoes, I told my mum that I wanted a matching bag. We saw some nice ones, but they were either the right size but not the right colour, or they were too small and the right colour. I was just looking at them unsure, and my mums eyes just flashed, and she pointed out this bag to me. I was seriously happy that my mum found this bag. I was all 'Yay, thank you mum <3 You have a good eye :o'. So yeah, that's how I picked this bag :'P
And I just noticed that the bag isn't on the Peacocks website, which makes me feel lucky to have it (even though there were, like, 6 in-store LOL).
I also got some knitted wool socks, they came in a pack; one black pair and one beige/cream pair. Like this:
They're really comfy, and I've been wanting some knitted wool socks for ages! I would have preferred if there was a tights version, if you get me, but there weren't, so I picked the closest thing. Well, actually, my mum picked it (again, lol :'P). I was planning on buying some pale sheer tights, but my mum just came up to me with these and I was like 'Want!'. So I got them :'D
My mum also bought herself a really nice grey trench coat for 35 pounds, and we got my dad a black belt (a normal one, not the kind for martial arts LOL). We were planning to buy him a jumper, but he actually has a few already, so we decided to put that in the list of things to buy in the next month or something :'B
I hope you all liked this post, I had fun writing it (or at least bragging about the things I got :'P).
Love you, readers!

P.S: I might go out in this week or so, and I'll be wearing the boots and bag, so look forward to seeing a post next weekend about my outfit. I might just procrastinate though, and not actually go out or make the post, so yeah. You never know :'S

P.P.S: The previous post was something I was planning on posting this Friday gone, but I always had things to do, so yeah, sorry about the whole '2 posts a day' situation. I'll try not to do that again any time soon, promise <3

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Long post. BEWARE! *insert evil laugh here*.

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging much, school is seriously taking up my time and I am not happy about that -.-"
But nevertheless, I came on today, to find out that I now have 4 followers. It might not seem like much to anyone reading this, but to me it's quite a nice achievement ^^ I'm hoping that by the end of 2011, I'll have maybe...6 to 10 followers? I dunno, we'll just see what happens :')
Eddie is having a give-away on her blog! I saw Rivriv posting about it and I had to visit Miracle Paint. I must say, Eddie is so fricken' pretty >///< I'm jelly T_T
Anyways, yeah, about her give-away. Here is a photo (from her blog) showing what she's giving away:
As you can see, the items are very pleasing to the eye of any Gyaru, so if you want to know more, here's the link to her post about it (the details of the items she's giving away and how you can enter are there):
Miracle Paint - Christmas First Giveaway <3
Have fun entering, if you do, and if you're not, cross your fingers for me /conceited. LOL.
I have decided to make a wishlist of things online I would want this year. I already know what I'll probably be getting this year (more about that week? Or after Christmas LOL), but I've been looking online, and some things are too cute to resist >////<
These are in order, number 1 being my favourite, and number 4 being the least (but still very much) wanted item :'P
1. REAL MA*RS Enamel Lace Up Boots - Black.
These are definitely number 1 because I'm in love with MA*RS lately. I heard of MA*RS when I first got into gyaru, but only a few days ago I bothered to actually check out the site. And I must say....I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS. It's not all flowers and frills like Liz Lisa. I don't mind flowers and lace, mind you, in fact they're the things I look for when buying clothing. But MA*RS' stuff is sexy, yet mature and grown-up. I want to slap myself for not looking at the website sooner. Anyways, I picked these pair of boots because to me they have the right components; the heel itself isn't too skinny or too thick, the black can be matched with most of my clothing, the shape of the shoe is perfect, and they come in my size (I'm an S and M in japanese shoe sizes). Definitely number 1.

2. Face Comic Top BIG - In the yellow colourway.
I've been really fond of baggy tops talety, and since I haven't been out much, I haven't seen any in shops. But this one from CO&LU is perfect, seriously. I'm a fan of new and different prints, and the yellow colour-way with the blue and red is a big 'NEED THIS ITEM' alarm. And, the model posing with the white colour-way has my dream hair LOL.
3. Bear Bore Parker - In the Pink colourway.
Another CO&LU item :'P Can you tell I'm a fan? Anyway, yeah, I really love this item. I'm a big fan of soft and fluffy fabrics, and this item seems perfect in the pink colour-way. I need more hoodies, and I need more pink clothing, so this item seems to be an item I would be using for a long time. And, once again, the model for the pink one has my dream hair x'D
4. Any fur coat.
Seriously, any (apart from those in charity shops LOL). I've been obsessed with fur, as you all may or may not know, and having a fur coat would be great. And I mean fully furry, not just fur on the collar or sleeves and shit. COMPLETELY FURRY. Not real fur though, I'm against using real fur and such. Unless the item is really worth it lah :'P
So yeah, there's my wishlist! As you can see, it's not a lot, but I seriously have much more things in mind that I would love to get/have *coughkurtgeigershoescough*. :'B

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and sorry again for not posting on my blog for what seems like a while ^^" Love y'all <3333 And Happy early Holidays :')

Monday, 14 November 2011

Ugh, seriously....

This post will be about school shoes, in case you're wondering about the depressing title -.-"
Anyways, this is just a rant, so feel free to click the little 'X' in the corner of your screen if you don't like whiners like me. Or you can just read on and give me more pageviews :'P

So, uh, yeah, my parents went out shopping today to get some stuff for the house (we're pretty much rebuilding everything inside, repainting, and such), and my mum told me she would get me some school shoes. I said that's fine, because inside, I reassured myself that she would get those really nice flats for me, the ones we saw yesterday. So yeah, they come back home...and guess what?
She didn't get me those fucking shoes!
She got me these instead:
Nearly exactly the same, except the main part on the front is plain, not with that thick piece of fabric as it shows on the picture.
The front part of mine are like this:
See? No messy extra fabric like it has on the site (thankfully).
So yeah. I know, I should be thankful she even bothered, but I wanted nicer ones, not some bulky little shits. I've had similar shoes before (same as link), and then after that I got these nice flats. I mean, the flats just need a little cleaning up, and they'll be okay. But nvm, I couldn't find them this morning, therefore I had to wear my other ones, therefore I was late, therefore I had detention.
Although, I have to say, these shoes are comfortable, seriously. It's like they're not even there.

Now that I've looked on the rest of the shoes, I would've liked maybe these, since they remind me of japanese school shoes (which I love), or maybe some heeled shoes, like these.
When my mum asked me if I was sure that I liked them, I was like 'Well, I kinda expected those flats we saw, or some different shoes than these...'. Then she went 'Yeah, but think about it, it's winter now, and those shoes would've broken in a few days or weeks after walking in them.'. So I guess she had a good point. I guess my mum still wanted the better for me, so I'm thankful <3 Love you mum!<3

Phew, okay, end of rant. Onto good things:
I got my art pack which I ordered from school (15 pounds, only those taking art as an option in year 10 are allowed to buy them, and I was one of those people :'P), and I must say, I love it. It's got a pack of pencils (ranging from 8B to 2H, which makes 12 in total), a sketch-book with black paper (and it's a really thick sketchbook too), 2 rubbers, one normal, and the other which can be shaped. Then there's a pack of watercolours, but they didn't include a brush (which I was pretty pissed with, since the brushes in school are good), and a pack of watercolour pencils (which draw on really bright in the black-paper sketchbook). All in all, it's good. Though the actual case for all these things is A1 in size, which is very annoying to carry around (some people, like me, leave it in the classroom though).
Hmmm.....I don't have anything else to talk about. Apart from that I want a japanese school bag. This one specifically. But I could always go shopping to Bolton or Manchester and find some similar ones. When I went to Primark before going to Spain, I saw some really nice ones, with long handles/straps too. I would've bought it, but I didn't see any point if I was going to be on the beach 24/7 :'P

Anyways, to end this post, here's a picture of me. This time I used my dad's camera (which he doesn't even use anymore, wtf -.-"), with flash, and oh my god it works wonders o_o I think I'll start using it more often from now on ^^"
I was wearing make-up when I took this shot, and I only needed to blur my skin a little bit to make it perfect :'P I used Mei Tu Xiu Xiu to add on the dark eyeshadow, the border, and the effect of making my photo look lighter (since originally it was a little darker). And yes, that is the size of my real nose. I have a very slight bridge on it which I edited out on Photoshop, but apart from that; all natural. And I must say, I love my lips on this photo <3

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, sorry for not posting much, but school is taking a toll T_T I wish I was home-schooled. Or maybe went to a boarding school for girls only.
Anyways, bye y'all! Follow me on twitter: @areksuxmitsuya
xoxo, Aleks.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

T.O.P's birthday!

I have a Halloween post, so you'll be seeing that on my blog.
Yeah, I just had to say, Happy Belated Birthday TOP :'D You probably won't be seeing this, but oh well, better now than never, right? x'D
So, uh, yeah, just had to post about that :'P Hope you don't mind readers x'D
Aleks xoxo

Late Hallow's Eve -.-"

So yeah, as the title says, Happy Hallows Eve everyone <3 It's a bit late, but whatever :'P
Yeah, I say Hallows Eve because it sounds a bit more traditional lah :'P
Here's a picture of me on Eve's night, I didn't dress up but I did some smoky eye make-up for giggles and shits <3 And, like I said, I need to post about the stuff I bought when I went shopping, so I'll tell you about the trip a little later in this post ^^
You can't see the eye-make-up too well, but it was chocolate brown in the outer corners, a dark yellowy-green in the center, and then white in the inner corners ^^ I guess my eyebrows just decided to make some random shadows for a joke, so that's why you can't see the meiku well -.-"
Anyways, about the shopping trip:
Me, my sister friends Yazmina & Samya, my friend Harriet, and Samya's friend Beth, went to Trafford Centre this Saturday, and all I was thinking about was 'SHOES, SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!', so me, Samya, and Beth went to a variety of expensive shops and tried on shoes like there was no tomorrow. Now, by the time, I had already spent 5 pounds, so I had 35 left, and in Dorothy Perkins the shoes were all in the 40+ range, money wise, but we tried them on anyway. I was just sat there waiting for one of the workers to bring me a dark teal pair of platform shoes in my size, and when I tried the second pair of shoes on (mind you, the second and third pairs of shoes I tried on were GORGEOUS, I seriously wished I had, like, 50+ quid on me, and my mums approval to buy the shoes [since I have 4 pairs of heels and I don't wear them, since I'd look like a giant next to my friends at parties]), the woman (well, not entirely a 'woman', she was about 19 or 20) asked me if I was 18 by any chance. I was like 'Erm, no, I'm 14.', then she was like 'Seriously?! You're 14? You're so tall and pretty for someone your age :'D', so I went 'Err, sorry that I look 14 then?' I said it as a joke though, so no worries there x'D So we talked about me wanting to be a model , and her working there for about 2 years, and laughing sometimes at people who come in, walk in heels, and can't walk in them properly, so that she has to teach them. Then I said 'Are you sure you don't mind me trying these on and not buying them? 'Cause then I kinda feel bad...' She was like, no, it's okay, I don't mind x'D So as I put away the last pair of shoes, we all headed out (me, Samya and Beth, not us three and the woman x'D).
The next 5 minutes were of me hyperventilating. I saw a Kurt Geiger shoes shop. KURT, FRICKIN', GEIGER. I love the shoes he designs, and I always dream about wearing the shoes proudly down the runway, so I told Samya that we should go there after we visit another shop to try shoes on. Of course, we went to the other shop, and everytime I walked around in high heels to see if they were comfortable and such, people (mostly men in their 20's) were just staring at me in those heels.
And I have to admit, I loved the attention. Only me and my friends were actually trying the heels on, so obviously they had to look at us *rolls eyes*.
Anyways, after that, we went hunting for asian guys, but that turned out to be unsuccessful, since either most of them had girlfriends (asian ones at that, and they all had gorgeous hair for some reason >.< Jelly!), or they were just uninterested.So we all met up at Nando's to eat dinner, and Out of the five of us, I just had to order organic milk OR-GAN-IC. MILK. Yeah, my friends found it pretty strange -.-" The guy who they were ordering the drinks from was like 'Who orders organic milk?!'.
Bitch I do. And if you don't like it you can take off the organic milk from the menu and just leave it. Pathetic customer service -.-"
Anyways, when we were just eating, one of the waiters came over to ask if we wanted any refills, and when I said yes, he came back a few second later and said that there were no refills for milk. I asked him if I looked like I was 18, and he just ignored the question and asked me if I wanted another drink.
I was like 'Erm, yeah, do you have any light alcohol?'. He said the lightest they have is cider and beer, so I ordered some cider. It was only, like, 3.65 pounds, so I didn't mind x'D
When he came with the small bottle of Dry Savannah and then gave me the change, Harriet was like 'Oh my god, I can't believe that! Did he seriously think you are 18?!'.
I was all:

So yeah. It was all good. But before eating at Nando's, I was frantically looking for my phone, I couldn't find it in my bag, or my jacket. Turns out I was freaking out for nothing, because when we went back to my friends' house (Samya and Yazmina's), it was in between the couch slits, you know, those gaps....NVM.
Anways, here's a photo of me in my fur hat and fur collar:
So yeah, the edit went wrong because the skin under my eyes looks discolored, but let's just pretend that isn't there ">.> I have to say though, when I took this picture I had a white line on my nose due to the light, and it made my nose look normal and small :'D I was really happy once I noticed that x'D

BTW, this post was meant be out on the 31st, but I never go round to posting in 'cause I always went on blogger when it was late, so I added sentences here and there, then never posted. Hope you all like this post though, have a good day <3
Aleks xoxo

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Platform heels with lolita?!

So, lately I've noticed a lot of mary-jane platform heels in a lot of website, and store, based shops. I, for one, love them, because there are a lot of styles, from velvet to leopard, and many colours, from orange PUV to plum purple. In case you're wondering what I'm on about, here's a few examples:
Images collected and put together from
Anyways >.> I've been on the BTSSB site today, and one of the first dresses I notice is the 'ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour'. I really like the print, and the redxivory colourway. And when I found a red pair of mary jane platform heels on topshop, I couldn't resist. Here's an outfit I put together:
Products and prices listed in imagine (click on imagine for larger version).
Come on, you have to admit, that co-ord looks pretty cute, especially with its Classic-Goth Lolita charm, and those shoes. Now, if you are a classic-goth lolita, don't get mad at me for using those heels. I know full well about the main rules and guidelines of lolita, but that doesn't mean they have to be followed strictly. And you have to admit, those shows work with the co-ord in general, and they don't give off the look of a hooker either :'P

So yeah, that's that for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post ^^ This Saturday or Sunday I'll be posting about my haul from my shopping trip which will take place in trafford center this weekend. I hope you look forward to it ^^

And a question: If you could introduce once style of normal clothing (non-lolita things) into lolita, what would it be, and why? I personally think loafers with a low heel look quite cute, especially in brown, so I'd definitely wear them with lolita ^^
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Lolita room? Yes please!

Yesterday I cleaned my room, chucked away the ugly green carpet (which is horrendous, btw. It didn't match anything in my room), and tidied up all my clothes and books and stuff. All that's left is my desk, which I plan on tidying in the morning when I wake up (not before breakfast though x'P).
Between then and now, I have been looking at some photos of lolita shops, and I must say, with the green carpet gone, my room is optically bigger now, and I was thinking of having a Lolita room once I've tidied up my desk and such.
I was thinking of some shelves on one wall, a bit like this:
I would definitely make it ceiling high, so that no wall space is wasted, and so that I have more shelf space. Therefore, extra hangers for maybe skirts, coats, or dresses. And a shelf for my porcelain dolls x'D
Now, another thing I found when looking at loli shop pictures, is that they have a space in the shop which is just for dresses on hangers and such, and then some shelves for blouses, skirts, shoes, etc etc. Somewhat like this:
I think it will be useful, especially the hanger, since the hanger for my dresses, school shirts, and coats, is on breaking point. It's already broken a few times now, but it's annoying to have to place the metal bars at the bottom to make it all stand up -.-"
And as in the second picture, a big multi-shelf in the middle of the room, or on the side, would be nice to store shoes or accessories.
So then, all that's left is a dresser space. I can imagine my dresser space being in front of my window, in between the bed and the first shelves I mentioned. Now, I didn't get many pictures of dressers in loli stores, so I added some from Japanese furniture websites:
Images from

I mean, come on, the closest thing I have to a dresser is a big mirror on one wall, and having to do my make-up in front of it is annoying as fuck. And these dressers look pretty lah. They don't cost a lot either :'P
Now, last thing. The bed. My parents want me to have a sofa in my room which folds out into a bed, and on Rompri I found a lot of those, which, again, don't cost a lot:

Images from
Okay, so they're not exactly sofas when they're folded up (these are two different ones btw, ask me for a link if you want to see the top one unfolded, and vice versa.), but they're still cute, and, hopefully, comfy. They can also be these long-sofa things (second pic), which makes it cooler, because all you'd need to add then is a low table for drinking tea and eating macaroons:

Images from
See, they're pretty aren't they? And they look princess-y in white too :'P
Now, last thing, a computer desk:
Images from
Now, on the pic it has a laptop, but, I have a computer, so I would use the space which folds out from under the top. So let's just imagine a computer there instead (computer in general, not just the big box with the switch on it) :'P

So yeah, have you ever considered a lolita/gyaru-esque room? And if so, did you get one in the end? I know that I will, soon enough :'P

Oh, btw, I know that in the last post I promised to post photos of the things I bought in Spain, but tbh, I haven't even bothered to change the camera's battery. So don't expect them anytime soon, or for the next year or so x'D
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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bikini pics from Spain! xoxo

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in Spain a little while ago (2 weeks and 2 days ago, in case you want an accurate number/s), and I had some photos that I had taken on the beach. But I'm only going to post one, since I cannot be bothered with the rest :'P But, when I get my new camera this year (or early next year), I'll definitely make my posts have a lot more pictures with them >w< *nodnod*
So here's the pic:
I had to edit this one a lot too, since my bony shoulders, uneven skin, and big thighs were really pissing me off :'/ Once again, I used Photoshop CS3, and Mei Tu Xiu Xiu. Hope you like the photo, I wasn't sure of posting it online, but, tbh, I don't see the problem. If a pedo does say anything to me, I'll be naming and shaming them on my blog ASAP, for you all to laugh at :')
Next Post is going to include pictures of some stuff I bought while I was at Spain. My camera ran out of battery when I was about to load the photos into PS, so I didn't get a chance to talk about them here :'/
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New blog, and new photo edit :')

Hey hey, welcome to my new blog, I'm Aleks. I don't really want to post a big introdution, so I'll just tell you the little details; I'm 5'8", I'm 14, and I'm Polish (+ russian and korean. I'm a mix LOL).
Here's a photo of myself I edited today, I used Photoshop CS3 and Mei Tu Xiu Xiu (my fave photo editing computer application <3).
I tell you now, I had to edit the SHIT out of the photo, my eyebrows were uneven, my skin was just plain ugly, and my eyes looked uneven too :'/ And some other things here and there :'P But yeah, I think I did well. In case you're wondering, I was in my car, on the way to the airport to go to Spain (more details about that soon). It was, like, one of the two photos that actually came out well lah. I also have one more, but the rest were just ugly. Bleh. I'm not photogenic :'/
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