Thursday, 27 October 2011

Platform heels with lolita?!

So, lately I've noticed a lot of mary-jane platform heels in a lot of website, and store, based shops. I, for one, love them, because there are a lot of styles, from velvet to leopard, and many colours, from orange PUV to plum purple. In case you're wondering what I'm on about, here's a few examples:
Images collected and put together from
Anyways >.> I've been on the BTSSB site today, and one of the first dresses I notice is the 'ALICE'S Marchin' Cookie Flavour'. I really like the print, and the redxivory colourway. And when I found a red pair of mary jane platform heels on topshop, I couldn't resist. Here's an outfit I put together:
Products and prices listed in imagine (click on imagine for larger version).
Come on, you have to admit, that co-ord looks pretty cute, especially with its Classic-Goth Lolita charm, and those shoes. Now, if you are a classic-goth lolita, don't get mad at me for using those heels. I know full well about the main rules and guidelines of lolita, but that doesn't mean they have to be followed strictly. And you have to admit, those shows work with the co-ord in general, and they don't give off the look of a hooker either :'P

So yeah, that's that for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post ^^ This Saturday or Sunday I'll be posting about my haul from my shopping trip which will take place in trafford center this weekend. I hope you look forward to it ^^

And a question: If you could introduce once style of normal clothing (non-lolita things) into lolita, what would it be, and why? I personally think loafers with a low heel look quite cute, especially in brown, so I'd definitely wear them with lolita ^^
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Lolita room? Yes please!

Yesterday I cleaned my room, chucked away the ugly green carpet (which is horrendous, btw. It didn't match anything in my room), and tidied up all my clothes and books and stuff. All that's left is my desk, which I plan on tidying in the morning when I wake up (not before breakfast though x'P).
Between then and now, I have been looking at some photos of lolita shops, and I must say, with the green carpet gone, my room is optically bigger now, and I was thinking of having a Lolita room once I've tidied up my desk and such.
I was thinking of some shelves on one wall, a bit like this:
I would definitely make it ceiling high, so that no wall space is wasted, and so that I have more shelf space. Therefore, extra hangers for maybe skirts, coats, or dresses. And a shelf for my porcelain dolls x'D
Now, another thing I found when looking at loli shop pictures, is that they have a space in the shop which is just for dresses on hangers and such, and then some shelves for blouses, skirts, shoes, etc etc. Somewhat like this:
I think it will be useful, especially the hanger, since the hanger for my dresses, school shirts, and coats, is on breaking point. It's already broken a few times now, but it's annoying to have to place the metal bars at the bottom to make it all stand up -.-"
And as in the second picture, a big multi-shelf in the middle of the room, or on the side, would be nice to store shoes or accessories.
So then, all that's left is a dresser space. I can imagine my dresser space being in front of my window, in between the bed and the first shelves I mentioned. Now, I didn't get many pictures of dressers in loli stores, so I added some from Japanese furniture websites:
Images from

I mean, come on, the closest thing I have to a dresser is a big mirror on one wall, and having to do my make-up in front of it is annoying as fuck. And these dressers look pretty lah. They don't cost a lot either :'P
Now, last thing. The bed. My parents want me to have a sofa in my room which folds out into a bed, and on Rompri I found a lot of those, which, again, don't cost a lot:

Images from
Okay, so they're not exactly sofas when they're folded up (these are two different ones btw, ask me for a link if you want to see the top one unfolded, and vice versa.), but they're still cute, and, hopefully, comfy. They can also be these long-sofa things (second pic), which makes it cooler, because all you'd need to add then is a low table for drinking tea and eating macaroons:

Images from
See, they're pretty aren't they? And they look princess-y in white too :'P
Now, last thing, a computer desk:
Images from
Now, on the pic it has a laptop, but, I have a computer, so I would use the space which folds out from under the top. So let's just imagine a computer there instead (computer in general, not just the big box with the switch on it) :'P

So yeah, have you ever considered a lolita/gyaru-esque room? And if so, did you get one in the end? I know that I will, soon enough :'P

Oh, btw, I know that in the last post I promised to post photos of the things I bought in Spain, but tbh, I haven't even bothered to change the camera's battery. So don't expect them anytime soon, or for the next year or so x'D
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