Saturday, 5 November 2011

T.O.P's birthday!

I have a Halloween post, so you'll be seeing that on my blog.
Yeah, I just had to say, Happy Belated Birthday TOP :'D You probably won't be seeing this, but oh well, better now than never, right? x'D
So, uh, yeah, just had to post about that :'P Hope you don't mind readers x'D
Aleks xoxo

Late Hallow's Eve -.-"

So yeah, as the title says, Happy Hallows Eve everyone <3 It's a bit late, but whatever :'P
Yeah, I say Hallows Eve because it sounds a bit more traditional lah :'P
Here's a picture of me on Eve's night, I didn't dress up but I did some smoky eye make-up for giggles and shits <3 And, like I said, I need to post about the stuff I bought when I went shopping, so I'll tell you about the trip a little later in this post ^^
You can't see the eye-make-up too well, but it was chocolate brown in the outer corners, a dark yellowy-green in the center, and then white in the inner corners ^^ I guess my eyebrows just decided to make some random shadows for a joke, so that's why you can't see the meiku well -.-"
Anyways, about the shopping trip:
Me, my sister friends Yazmina & Samya, my friend Harriet, and Samya's friend Beth, went to Trafford Centre this Saturday, and all I was thinking about was 'SHOES, SHOES, SHOES, SHOES!', so me, Samya, and Beth went to a variety of expensive shops and tried on shoes like there was no tomorrow. Now, by the time, I had already spent 5 pounds, so I had 35 left, and in Dorothy Perkins the shoes were all in the 40+ range, money wise, but we tried them on anyway. I was just sat there waiting for one of the workers to bring me a dark teal pair of platform shoes in my size, and when I tried the second pair of shoes on (mind you, the second and third pairs of shoes I tried on were GORGEOUS, I seriously wished I had, like, 50+ quid on me, and my mums approval to buy the shoes [since I have 4 pairs of heels and I don't wear them, since I'd look like a giant next to my friends at parties]), the woman (well, not entirely a 'woman', she was about 19 or 20) asked me if I was 18 by any chance. I was like 'Erm, no, I'm 14.', then she was like 'Seriously?! You're 14? You're so tall and pretty for someone your age :'D', so I went 'Err, sorry that I look 14 then?' I said it as a joke though, so no worries there x'D So we talked about me wanting to be a model , and her working there for about 2 years, and laughing sometimes at people who come in, walk in heels, and can't walk in them properly, so that she has to teach them. Then I said 'Are you sure you don't mind me trying these on and not buying them? 'Cause then I kinda feel bad...' She was like, no, it's okay, I don't mind x'D So as I put away the last pair of shoes, we all headed out (me, Samya and Beth, not us three and the woman x'D).
The next 5 minutes were of me hyperventilating. I saw a Kurt Geiger shoes shop. KURT, FRICKIN', GEIGER. I love the shoes he designs, and I always dream about wearing the shoes proudly down the runway, so I told Samya that we should go there after we visit another shop to try shoes on. Of course, we went to the other shop, and everytime I walked around in high heels to see if they were comfortable and such, people (mostly men in their 20's) were just staring at me in those heels.
And I have to admit, I loved the attention. Only me and my friends were actually trying the heels on, so obviously they had to look at us *rolls eyes*.
Anyways, after that, we went hunting for asian guys, but that turned out to be unsuccessful, since either most of them had girlfriends (asian ones at that, and they all had gorgeous hair for some reason >.< Jelly!), or they were just uninterested.So we all met up at Nando's to eat dinner, and Out of the five of us, I just had to order organic milk OR-GAN-IC. MILK. Yeah, my friends found it pretty strange -.-" The guy who they were ordering the drinks from was like 'Who orders organic milk?!'.
Bitch I do. And if you don't like it you can take off the organic milk from the menu and just leave it. Pathetic customer service -.-"
Anyways, when we were just eating, one of the waiters came over to ask if we wanted any refills, and when I said yes, he came back a few second later and said that there were no refills for milk. I asked him if I looked like I was 18, and he just ignored the question and asked me if I wanted another drink.
I was like 'Erm, yeah, do you have any light alcohol?'. He said the lightest they have is cider and beer, so I ordered some cider. It was only, like, 3.65 pounds, so I didn't mind x'D
When he came with the small bottle of Dry Savannah and then gave me the change, Harriet was like 'Oh my god, I can't believe that! Did he seriously think you are 18?!'.
I was all:

So yeah. It was all good. But before eating at Nando's, I was frantically looking for my phone, I couldn't find it in my bag, or my jacket. Turns out I was freaking out for nothing, because when we went back to my friends' house (Samya and Yazmina's), it was in between the couch slits, you know, those gaps....NVM.
Anways, here's a photo of me in my fur hat and fur collar:
So yeah, the edit went wrong because the skin under my eyes looks discolored, but let's just pretend that isn't there ">.> I have to say though, when I took this picture I had a white line on my nose due to the light, and it made my nose look normal and small :'D I was really happy once I noticed that x'D

BTW, this post was meant be out on the 31st, but I never go round to posting in 'cause I always went on blogger when it was late, so I added sentences here and there, then never posted. Hope you all like this post though, have a good day <3
Aleks xoxo