Monday, 14 November 2011

Ugh, seriously....

This post will be about school shoes, in case you're wondering about the depressing title -.-"
Anyways, this is just a rant, so feel free to click the little 'X' in the corner of your screen if you don't like whiners like me. Or you can just read on and give me more pageviews :'P

So, uh, yeah, my parents went out shopping today to get some stuff for the house (we're pretty much rebuilding everything inside, repainting, and such), and my mum told me she would get me some school shoes. I said that's fine, because inside, I reassured myself that she would get those really nice flats for me, the ones we saw yesterday. So yeah, they come back home...and guess what?
She didn't get me those fucking shoes!
She got me these instead:
Nearly exactly the same, except the main part on the front is plain, not with that thick piece of fabric as it shows on the picture.
The front part of mine are like this:
See? No messy extra fabric like it has on the site (thankfully).
So yeah. I know, I should be thankful she even bothered, but I wanted nicer ones, not some bulky little shits. I've had similar shoes before (same as link), and then after that I got these nice flats. I mean, the flats just need a little cleaning up, and they'll be okay. But nvm, I couldn't find them this morning, therefore I had to wear my other ones, therefore I was late, therefore I had detention.
Although, I have to say, these shoes are comfortable, seriously. It's like they're not even there.

Now that I've looked on the rest of the shoes, I would've liked maybe these, since they remind me of japanese school shoes (which I love), or maybe some heeled shoes, like these.
When my mum asked me if I was sure that I liked them, I was like 'Well, I kinda expected those flats we saw, or some different shoes than these...'. Then she went 'Yeah, but think about it, it's winter now, and those shoes would've broken in a few days or weeks after walking in them.'. So I guess she had a good point. I guess my mum still wanted the better for me, so I'm thankful <3 Love you mum!<3

Phew, okay, end of rant. Onto good things:
I got my art pack which I ordered from school (15 pounds, only those taking art as an option in year 10 are allowed to buy them, and I was one of those people :'P), and I must say, I love it. It's got a pack of pencils (ranging from 8B to 2H, which makes 12 in total), a sketch-book with black paper (and it's a really thick sketchbook too), 2 rubbers, one normal, and the other which can be shaped. Then there's a pack of watercolours, but they didn't include a brush (which I was pretty pissed with, since the brushes in school are good), and a pack of watercolour pencils (which draw on really bright in the black-paper sketchbook). All in all, it's good. Though the actual case for all these things is A1 in size, which is very annoying to carry around (some people, like me, leave it in the classroom though).
Hmmm.....I don't have anything else to talk about. Apart from that I want a japanese school bag. This one specifically. But I could always go shopping to Bolton or Manchester and find some similar ones. When I went to Primark before going to Spain, I saw some really nice ones, with long handles/straps too. I would've bought it, but I didn't see any point if I was going to be on the beach 24/7 :'P

Anyways, to end this post, here's a picture of me. This time I used my dad's camera (which he doesn't even use anymore, wtf -.-"), with flash, and oh my god it works wonders o_o I think I'll start using it more often from now on ^^"
I was wearing make-up when I took this shot, and I only needed to blur my skin a little bit to make it perfect :'P I used Mei Tu Xiu Xiu to add on the dark eyeshadow, the border, and the effect of making my photo look lighter (since originally it was a little darker). And yes, that is the size of my real nose. I have a very slight bridge on it which I edited out on Photoshop, but apart from that; all natural. And I must say, I love my lips on this photo <3

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post, sorry for not posting much, but school is taking a toll T_T I wish I was home-schooled. Or maybe went to a boarding school for girls only.
Anyways, bye y'all! Follow me on twitter: @areksuxmitsuya
xoxo, Aleks.