Saturday, 26 November 2011

Long post. BEWARE! *insert evil laugh here*.

Hey guys! Sorry for not blogging much, school is seriously taking up my time and I am not happy about that -.-"
But nevertheless, I came on today, to find out that I now have 4 followers. It might not seem like much to anyone reading this, but to me it's quite a nice achievement ^^ I'm hoping that by the end of 2011, I'll have maybe...6 to 10 followers? I dunno, we'll just see what happens :')
Eddie is having a give-away on her blog! I saw Rivriv posting about it and I had to visit Miracle Paint. I must say, Eddie is so fricken' pretty >///< I'm jelly T_T
Anyways, yeah, about her give-away. Here is a photo (from her blog) showing what she's giving away:
As you can see, the items are very pleasing to the eye of any Gyaru, so if you want to know more, here's the link to her post about it (the details of the items she's giving away and how you can enter are there):
Miracle Paint - Christmas First Giveaway <3
Have fun entering, if you do, and if you're not, cross your fingers for me /conceited. LOL.
I have decided to make a wishlist of things online I would want this year. I already know what I'll probably be getting this year (more about that week? Or after Christmas LOL), but I've been looking online, and some things are too cute to resist >////<
These are in order, number 1 being my favourite, and number 4 being the least (but still very much) wanted item :'P
1. REAL MA*RS Enamel Lace Up Boots - Black.
These are definitely number 1 because I'm in love with MA*RS lately. I heard of MA*RS when I first got into gyaru, but only a few days ago I bothered to actually check out the site. And I must say....I LOVE THEIR PRODUCTS. It's not all flowers and frills like Liz Lisa. I don't mind flowers and lace, mind you, in fact they're the things I look for when buying clothing. But MA*RS' stuff is sexy, yet mature and grown-up. I want to slap myself for not looking at the website sooner. Anyways, I picked these pair of boots because to me they have the right components; the heel itself isn't too skinny or too thick, the black can be matched with most of my clothing, the shape of the shoe is perfect, and they come in my size (I'm an S and M in japanese shoe sizes). Definitely number 1.

2. Face Comic Top BIG - In the yellow colourway.
I've been really fond of baggy tops talety, and since I haven't been out much, I haven't seen any in shops. But this one from CO&LU is perfect, seriously. I'm a fan of new and different prints, and the yellow colour-way with the blue and red is a big 'NEED THIS ITEM' alarm. And, the model posing with the white colour-way has my dream hair LOL.
3. Bear Bore Parker - In the Pink colourway.
Another CO&LU item :'P Can you tell I'm a fan? Anyway, yeah, I really love this item. I'm a big fan of soft and fluffy fabrics, and this item seems perfect in the pink colour-way. I need more hoodies, and I need more pink clothing, so this item seems to be an item I would be using for a long time. And, once again, the model for the pink one has my dream hair x'D
4. Any fur coat.
Seriously, any (apart from those in charity shops LOL). I've been obsessed with fur, as you all may or may not know, and having a fur coat would be great. And I mean fully furry, not just fur on the collar or sleeves and shit. COMPLETELY FURRY. Not real fur though, I'm against using real fur and such. Unless the item is really worth it lah :'P
So yeah, there's my wishlist! As you can see, it's not a lot, but I seriously have much more things in mind that I would love to get/have *coughkurtgeigershoescough*. :'B

Hope you all enjoyed this post, and sorry again for not posting on my blog for what seems like a while ^^" Love y'all <3333 And Happy early Holidays :')