Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Update :')

I'm going out tomorrow, which means I'll be wearing my new boots, new bag, and (obviously) pretty clothing :'P I've also decided to ask my mum for about 5-10 pounds, since I want to buy myself some fake lashes, fake nails, and maybe a pack of Christmas cards to give out in school ^^ I actually cannot wait, the friend I'm coming out with has strict parents, so she only comes out about, say...once every two months?
Not even that actually, even less. And we won't be out long either, we'll set off to town at about 11 am, and she's gonna have to be home at about 3 pm. I'm not the one to decide how long she stays out, but still....I just wish she came out more often, or for longer...
I'll ask my other friend if she'll come out with us too, the more the merrier :'P And with my other friend I'll be in laughing fits :'D <3
So yeah, just had to tell you all that. But another thing:
So far, I have 4 followers. Two of them are public, but the other two are hidden. If you, the reader, decides to follow my blog, I'd like it if you didn't hide your name and such, but instead, be shown to me (as a follower) publicly. I'd like to know who follows my blog, but not being able to know who half of my followers are is really disheartening. You don't need to be afraid, I won't bite x'D
Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post, I'll be posting tomorrow too!
<3333, Aleks

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Can't think of a title :'O

Hey y'all! I went shopping today with my mom and got a few things. You'll enjoy this post if you love fur or high-heel boots :'P
I got these boots:
They really are lovely <3 I was planning on buying other ones, but they looked very different in store than they did on the website, and my mum agreed that the yellow-ish fur and material didn't suit me at all. I found some other ones, but they were, once again, yellow-ish, with grey fur on the top trim, but they were nicer, and had a small wedge heel.
Then I saw these.
I was. In. Love. <333333333333
Seriously. They are comfortable, knee-high, medium-height heel, and the colour is fucking pretty <3 It looks a little red on the photo, but that's the camera flash's fault. They are this sort of brown IRL:
On website.
Yes, I got them from Peacocks. I didn't buy them online though, which I'm now pissed off with, since they were 35 pounds in-store, but online they are 24.50 quid. FFFFUUUUUUUUU-
It doesn't matter, I have them, and they are pretty much gyaru. I think I'll get Liz Lisa inspired dresses in the summer and wear these boots with them :'P
Another thing I got:
The fur looks fine on the top, but at the bottom I happened to edit off (in photoshop) the fur, so I had to do a little smudging to make it have a fur-like effect. It looks really nice in real life though, no worries ;')
The brown leather you see is the same colour as the boots, which is why I bought this bag today. From Peacocks, of course x'D
There's a good story behind it too. When I finally decided to buy those shoes, I told my mum that I wanted a matching bag. We saw some nice ones, but they were either the right size but not the right colour, or they were too small and the right colour. I was just looking at them unsure, and my mums eyes just flashed, and she pointed out this bag to me. I was seriously happy that my mum found this bag. I was all 'Yay, thank you mum <3 You have a good eye :o'. So yeah, that's how I picked this bag :'P
And I just noticed that the bag isn't on the Peacocks website, which makes me feel lucky to have it (even though there were, like, 6 in-store LOL).
I also got some knitted wool socks, they came in a pack; one black pair and one beige/cream pair. Like this:
They're really comfy, and I've been wanting some knitted wool socks for ages! I would have preferred if there was a tights version, if you get me, but there weren't, so I picked the closest thing. Well, actually, my mum picked it (again, lol :'P). I was planning on buying some pale sheer tights, but my mum just came up to me with these and I was like 'Want!'. So I got them :'D
My mum also bought herself a really nice grey trench coat for 35 pounds, and we got my dad a black belt (a normal one, not the kind for martial arts LOL). We were planning to buy him a jumper, but he actually has a few already, so we decided to put that in the list of things to buy in the next month or something :'B
I hope you all liked this post, I had fun writing it (or at least bragging about the things I got :'P).
Love you, readers!

P.S: I might go out in this week or so, and I'll be wearing the boots and bag, so look forward to seeing a post next weekend about my outfit. I might just procrastinate though, and not actually go out or make the post, so yeah. You never know :'S

P.P.S: The previous post was something I was planning on posting this Friday gone, but I always had things to do, so yeah, sorry about the whole '2 posts a day' situation. I'll try not to do that again any time soon, promise <3