Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rise and Fall giveaway!

Hey y'all! I didn't keep my promise and have posted twice in a day again, so yeah, I don't think I should promise things anymore :'P
Rise and Fall is having a giveaway which ends on the 18th of December, 2011! Here is a photo of the things she's giving away:
If you want to know more info on how to enter, see her blog post about her giveaway!
I've been in a giveaway mood lately, the one where I want to enter giveaways! I think that from now on, I'll be entering more giveaways, because some of the things are too cool to not want x'D
Anyways, please enter her giveaway, and if you don't plan to, then cross your fingers that I win /conceited. LOL.
xoxo, Aleks <3

Late, much? -.-"

So yeah, here's the outfit post about 3 days late -.-" I'm sorry, I've just been procrastinating on posting this x'D
Anyways, here's the outfit:

Here's the rundown:
Top which says 'NEW YORK CITY' in big letters. In reality it's a bit more of a yellow-beige colour, not as white as the picture shows. I wore a cardigan on top of my, erm, top (I feel like I'm repeating myself x'D), and then on my lower half I had jeggings, with my new boots which I've made a post about :'P
I had my fur bag with me, obviously, and I had make-up on, but more about that later in this post :')

So yeah, it was pretty fun. When I was going out my mum went out to buy Christmas presents for all my cousins (7 in total, 4 from my dads side and 3 from my mums), and when she came back my friend (Michelle, in case any of you are wondering about who she is x'D) knocked on about 7 minutes later. I felt a bit greedy asking my mum for more money (I had 2 pounds on me from my own 'fund'), so I just hugged her and said bye. When me and Michelle were in town, we went to GeeTee's first, and she bought me my Christmas present there :'P I didn't mind though, because it was a set of lavender bathing things, which included a body lotion, body cream, and hand cream, soap, and a pouf. And some fake lavender smelling flowers, for some reason :'P Then she got another one of our friends something, and then when we both went to Sainsbury's, we saw Paige there. I was like 'Coincidence much?' x'D And while we were mooching around and looking for chocolates to buy, we went to the perfume section, and guess what.
There was a lavender smelling body spray/deodorant.
I just stood there in shock, and since me and Paige are obsessed with lavender, we both just took one each, sprayed the hell out of ourselves, then put the sprays back to their places, and just casually walked off. We were just smelling our hands and clothes to take in as much of the smell <3333
So yeah. Then again at GeeTee's, I bought a set of fake eye-lashes. I have to be honest, they are pretty shit. The first eyelash got ruined when I tried pulling it out, so then I left the other one for when I got home, to cut it in half (they were way too long. My eyes aren't even that small, but damn!). Then we went to McDonald's to eat. Well, actually, only Ben (Paige's 'friend') and Michelle were eating, and they didn't even share :'O I know it's their own money, but Michelle didn't offer anything, and Ben only offered a fry each :'/ I was like 'Yeah, thanks. I guess.'.
Apart from that though, it was fun. I tried on the eyelashes when I got home, and here's the result:
So, uh, yeah....I did blur my skin an bit, but apart from that, all natural! You can see the eyelashes are in the outer corners. They really do lengthen, but they stay on for about 2 minutes before the corner of the eyelashes peel off, and then I have to reapply them. The glue isn't good either, because most eyelash glues turn transparent when they are dry, but this one looked like sleep when it dried! I was like 'Eww, that looks fugly :'/'.
I put on mascara to blend in my eyelashes with the fake ones, and tbh, I think I will only wear these to school once in a while, since my eyelashes are big enough with just mascara on :'P
Hope you all enjoyed this post, and guess what, my followers are now all visible :'O Thank you followers, I appreciate it <3333
xoxo, Aleks <3