Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Years to everyone!

So yeah, like the title says, HNY to you all <3333333333333
I know, I haven't updated in...about 1 or 2 months? Well, I haven't got a good excuse really. The last day of school was the 22nd, and up until that day from the weekend before, I was having major breakdowns in school, due to me not being able to stand my personality, not being able to keep up with deadlines, and failing a mock science exam (which resulted in my crying after school and telling myself that my parents will think I'm a failure). Apart from that though, all good x'D
For Christmas, I got a new phone, and 50 quid. It might not seem like much, but, I'm from a working middle-class family, we're not poor, but we're not rich either, so my parents got me the best they wanted to give me :') I got a Samsung Galaxy Ace (which I'll blog fully about ASAP, it really is an amazing phone, mine is purple which came with a black back cover as an extra) which is currently 15 pounds a month, but I've already spent, like, 1.20 quid online (for a website called '', don't ask -.-"), unlimited internet, and a really cool camera. In fact, the post about my phone will have some cam-whoring and panorama photos which my phone took while I wasn't blogging, so yeah :'P
I also got (in school) presents from my friends, which were:
1. A 480+ page sketch book, with card paper (but not smudgy, so it's just a thicker-than-normal-paper paper :'P), which have 482 outlines of model figures in different poses, so that I can design and draw clothing on them. And the lines of the models don't show up when I scan the designs, which is really cool <3
2. A Hello Kitty key-chain (it's really cute, I'll have a pic of it in the next post) and a packet of sweets from Alex...
3. A cinnamon-honeysuckle scented candle from Harriet (it's like this huuuuge candle, thick and everything). It's dark red with a  gold christmas-like trim around it...
4. And finally, a bath set from Michelle. It has a normal body lotion, and body scrub, and sponge (it's hard to describe, so my next post will include pictures of that too :'P), and 3 lavender-coloured roses, which aren't actually real. But they're nice as decorations :') Best of all, it's all lavender scented <3333 I love lavender, in case some of you don't know ;'D
Last week, I also got some shoes, slippers, and make-up, which I'll be showing in the next post (too) :'P.
I also have some pictures of food I had eaten the week before, but when I took the pictures with my camera, I just left them there, so I'll upload those in a post about food :'3
So, all in all, 2011 has been a good year. I've been getting along with others in school, I'm not bullied anymore (only once or twice still, but, my legs are too sexy for them to handle, so they shut up pretty quickly ;'D), I've spent more time with my parents, and, I've been in a good body shape all year :'D
But, there have been bad things too, such as my breakdowns that I mentioned before, the fact that Ionly saw my best-friend, like, twice this year (we're having a sleepover next Saturday though, we've been talking to each other today and we miss each other like crazy T_T), and the fact that I didn't end up going to a modeling agency.
It's all good though. I wish anyone reading this to be lucky, happy, and healthy in 2012, and to do good for others, and of course, yourself. Reflect 2011 and see it as a way to see how you can improve your ways and such. Here are my resolutions:
- To start modeling.
- To buy more high heels and hang out with my tall friend Samya :'L
- To be more organized.
- To get a boyfriend (preferably an asian one. I sound desperate, but, I just want to be in a relationship. I need to go out more too, LOL).
- To go out more (like I mentioned). You know, for walks, to parties, shopping, or just to get fresh air. Anything, really.
- To design one outfit a day in my present (the sketchbook for designing clothes that I mentioned).
- To get into sport.
- To post on my blog at least once a week :')
- And, finally, to improve on my art. I'm into realistic drawing lately, and even though I'm already doing well at it, I want to be perfect :'L
So, tl:dr, Happy New Years everyone, and I hope y'all have a fucking great year :'D I mean, I was hoping my best friend would've slept at mine today, but she had dinner with the fam(ily), so me and my parents watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 while eating Polish food :'3
And I'm sorry again for not blogging >////< I'm going to change the layout of my blog soon, so it'll be more fun to read in the future, hopefully ^^ Oh, and Merry Late Christmas to you all <3
Love y'all!