Saturday, 18 August 2012

Loli clothing stores in Manchester???!

I was having a little convo with Chama on DeviantArt about her pixel doll, and she mentions that she might do one in an AP or BTSSB dress next. She then said that she loves AP's and BTSSB's new collections.
Now, as you all know, I used to be head-over-frills in love with Lolita, even though my posts didn't show it much. Seriously. I used to spend hours on IW and AP looking and drooling over the lace, the prints, the roses, the put together co-ords, the shapes of the dresses... I was always obsessed!

So, the first thing I did was go onto AP and BTSSB and IW to check out the new collections.
I love the Yukata's on AP, especially the pink and black one (though I prefer the black as you can see the print much better). I also like the JSK's for the Dreamy Horoscope collection, especially the one in pink and navy (I've been liking pink clothing lately, and not just the AP dresses.... maybe my girly side is slowly coming out? x'D). I also LOVE the Glass Bottle of Tears collection, especially the sax+beige dresses.
I'm not even going to mention the Chocolate Rosette, Royal Chocolate, and Picture Book dresses+jsk's+bags+head accessories, cause I have no words for it, apart from 'IWANTITALLSOBADLYIMGONNACRY'. Ahem.
I checked out the BTSSB site too, and though nothing amazing stood out, these dresses are too lovely for me to handle:
Veronica Elisse JSK. It's teal, what's not to love? The ivory looks pretty too!
Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK.  All the colours are lovely, but the main pic shown (offwhitexoffwhite with blue at the bottom) has to be my fave.
Sweet Jewelry Princess Garnet JSK. The Rose Quartz (pink), Ruby (red), and Sapphire (navy) are my faves. I always like the red dresses on BTSSB, they have a royal feel about them. I can't be the only one who thinks that x'D
and last but not least (definitely not the least): Blooming Flower JSK. I mean come on, it's the perfect Lolita dress: perfect amount of lace, roses, A-Line, and can be used for Sweet, Classic, Hime, and Country lolita styles. And it's so Rococo, which is even better x'D And and and, it could be used for Hime-Gyaru is co-ordinated well!
I also like their shoes, especially these boots. The dusty pink and brown is so versatile!

Now, onto IW.
All was fine. All was cute. All was lovely. Until I clicked on the JSK tab.
I started freaking out for real. But you know what's even better? My parents have over 6k+ pounds because of my generous grandmothers (one's even buying me shoes x'd). Which might just mean I can get one dress. My mum promised me ages ago when I was too much into Lolita that she would buy me one, so she owes me x'D I mean, most of them are under 100 quid, and the one I want is about 88: clicky. Clicky click .3.
So yeah, I was chuffed x'D When my parents are back from getting the stuff for the bathroom (they're making over the bathroom, a bit of their bedroom, and my whole bedroom [yes, I will be having lots of roses x'D]), I might ask my mum once they're done decorating if she might be me that dress. If not then I'll get a replica or a BodyLine dress that looks similar x'D
I forgot to post about this, but a few weeks ago I was in Manchester with Megan, Michelle, Alex, and Paige, who are my friends from school, and we all went shopping in Arndale and later on Afflecks (I'll tell you all and interesting story about that later :'3). I had 30 quid on me, and I spent about 8 of it on tickets, food, and a Subway card (yes, I know. But I get free shit for specific amounts of points, so it's worth it :'D), so I had 22 left. I bought myself a top:
It's from Shout, at the 1st floor of Arndale. 5 quid, and practically everything else in Shout is! It's my fave shop there, apart from Kurt Geiger, of course :'333
It's so comfy, I'm wearing it right now actually! I was wearing that mini skirt that you see in the pic, the top, and these shoes:
They seem a little navy and dirty here, but it's just the dust, and I used a philter on my phone like I do with all my photos. They're 4 inch wedges, suade, and black ^^ Only 16 quid from Select!
...after I got into Afflecks. The shoes were hurting my little toes a bit (my feet are like, 2 or 3 mm wider than normal feet, though they're not HUGE wide x'D), but when I tried them on again a few days ago, I could feel nothing of pain in my feet, and I danced to a bunch of SNSD songs in them.. I can't be the only one, right? Their songs are like, perfect to dance to in heels. Maybe that's why they do it x'D

Now, onto Afflecks. I'm being serious now, if you are a Lolita in Manchester, you might've already known thi, but if you didn't, listen up: there are 2 (or 3) shops in the Afflecks building which sell LOLITA. OMIGOSHIKNOWRIGHT???? Michelle was there, and she's a big fan of Goth Loli (although because of the way she looks, she'd look like a 4'9" angel in Sweet or Bittersweet Lolita!), and we just squealed everytime we saw anything remotely similar to Lolita, including the ACTUAL Lolita dresses. It was like a relevation to me. Thank god Paige took us all there (thank you! <3333). There was also a shop which sold these cute sets of Mirrors and metal, yes, metal, hair brushes, sorta like these:
But the mirrors were smaller, and the brushes bigger. Now, by then I hadn't any money left, but since they were only 9 quid, I promised the shop-keeper that next time I was there I would buy one x'D She was like 'O-okay :'3'. I bet she was actually scared though, I mean, she looked so pretty and fragile like a doll >3<

So, ahem, yeah, there's my post, hope you all enjoyed :'D I know I don't post much, but hey, thank you very much to my subscribers/followers for sticking around :'3 I'm nearly at 1k views, so when that comes around, I'll make a special CG on Photoshop for you all, deal? I'll make it a bunch of Loli's and Gyaru x'D 'Cause I'm cool like ice tea ¬3¬

xoxo, Aleks!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Outfit and shopping update!

Hi viewers ^^ Or readers, whichever x'D

Yesterday I went out with my mum to do a bit of shopping, but this time, she wasn't as moody as she was on our last shopping day together x'D We didn't go into Manchester this time, just to Bolton, since my mum was having a weave in her hair done. It looks really pretty, she got it done at a salon, can't remember the name of it though x'D My mum's really happy with it ^^

Here's a picture of the shoes I bough, 4 inches :'3
 They are seriously comfortable, my little toe gets a bit weird though, but it's not the shoes fault, as my right foot is slightly wider than my left foot, by a few millimeters. So I just wear a plaster to push my right little toe in a bit, then they're perfect to walk in ^^ I edited the photo to show you what the actual colours of the shoes are, since the original photo made them look a little too grey (there was a grey version of these shoes though, but I prefer the light brown ^^). I bought them at TK Maxx, and they were only 17 pounds. 17! I was literally shocked. And, they fit me perfectly, as now, my heeled shoes will have to be a size 6 instead of a 5 (I used to wear size 6 flats and size 5 heels, but it's 6 for both now ^^). So yeah, I was really happy :'3 I also tried on this really long baggy jumper (they reached about the middle of my thighs), and it was cool that it was very comfortable, but it was also in the 90's style that my mother wore when she was around 17-19 years old. It was awesome, but my mum said we'll have to buy it tomorrow, as today the shops are already closed, and she was trying not to spend too much money that day since she already pent a lot on her hair. I can't wait to get it now :'D
And here's the dres and belt I wore that day :'3 I also wore a cotton shrug sort of thing which matched the colour of my belt :'3 The dress is actually what my mum bought for herself about 2 or 3 days ago, but she discovered the colours didn't really suit her, so she gave it to me x'D I automatically thought of Bom from 2NE1 when I wore the dress since it's in a similar style to something she would wear ^^ But, I personally don't like Bom very much, so I didn't know whether to accept the dress x'D I went out in it yesterday though and it was really good for the weather (it was quite sunny for England x'D). I wore the turquoise loafers I bought from my last shopping trip, but the moment I got home me and my parents had a big barbecue, and I walked around in my heels x'D I even tidied half of my room in them, though I still need to hoover up now since I removed about 3 piles of clothes from my bedroom floor x'D

So yeah :'3 Later on that day we went to buy some groceries and we got loads of things x'D We shop at Aldi from time to time and my mum bought me a ready-made cappuccino in a plastic cup thing. I thought I would need to add sugar (don't know where from, but oh well x'D), but when I tasted it I was in heaven!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this post and that none of you are angry at me for posting a little too late, but come on, I have a life too x'D

xo, Aleks <3

Monday, 23 July 2012

MCMEXPO at Manchester Central Convention Complex!

I went to the anime MCM  expo today, which is in Manchester every year. There's also a London mcm, Midlands mcm, etc.. the company which makes all these anime conventions possible has them all over the UK, in major cities definitely.

First off, before I start this post, I'm very sorry to a few tables with people who were really hopeful since I stood around their items for a while but never bought anything, I really didn't mean to! I'll be bringing more than 100 pounds with me to the convention next year, so I will definitely buy from you all! I saw a table selling Gothic&Lolita Bibles, loads of them, but I had no money left (I'll tell you what I bought at the end of this post). I asked them if they will have a table next year and they said probably, so I was so glad!
Another thing I want to say sorry for is to the lolita which I was being awkward with. She had the loveliest lavender JSK with white polka dots, and a cute blouse underneath it. I asked her which brand her dress was from, and when she said Bodyline, I was genuinely shocked! In fact, so 'shocked', the conversation went like this:
Her: It's Bodyline ^^
Me: Oh wow, really?
H: *nod*
M: Sorry, it's just that, well, I expected the dress to be, erm, erm, you kn...
H: *smiles awkwardly and looks away*

And then I walked away looking like a weirdo. What I was meant to say was that I expected the dress to be of a medium or low quality, but it really did look like an expensive brand dress! Her wig was cute too, and 2 of her Lolita friends had on really cute off-white JSK's with red and pink floral patterns on them. They all looked really pretty! Of course it was too weird of me to ask for a picture since I acted so rude and weird and awkward, so I just left it at that. If I see them next year I'll be sure to ask for a picture and hope they don't remember me as the freak x'D Seeing as I'll be cosplaying they probably won't recognize me x'D

Now, I have no pictures of this, but there was this big area of tables and racks owned by these cute asian guys. I wasn't shocked when I saw the mangas and character+art books of various animes which I love. The plushies definitely caught my eye, I saw one of Miki, from Shugo Chara, but when I discovered it was 15 pounds (again, the currency, not the weight x'D), I died a little inside, as I had only 10 left since I already bought a manga. But this still didn't catch my eye enough. You know what did?
Tons of K-Pop bags (!) hanging from the racks and holders. There was An Cafe too, the japanese rock band. It even had Bou on it, I nearly sqealed! It's a shame he left :'/ There was also SNSD, SHINee, SS501, Big Bang, and these plate thingies with individual photos of the members of Big Bang. I was quite disappointed when I saw there was none of T.O.P, only one, but he's sat with GD on the pic. I WANT TOP ALONE GODDAMNIT! Anyways...

As I went onto the next stand, guess what I saw. 5 FUCKING NENDOROID FIGURINES OF MIKU, RIN, MEIKO, AND 2 others from some other anime. SO YEAH, I SCREAMED! I asked the guy (he was really nice, you'll read why in a minute x'D) how much the Miku one was, and he said 15. I asked him if he could lower it and he said 11, then I told him I only had 10 on me. He lowered his voice and was like 'Don't tell anyone about this!'. I put my index on my lips and kept them shut. And then it hit me.
I got. A nendoroid figurine. Of Miku, one of Japan's most popular idol (technically x'D). For only. 10. Pounds. 10. FUCKING. POUNDS. Am I the only one who thinks that is the greatest deal of all time? Normally online they don't even cost less than 20-25, and I got one for 10 pounds. I was so happy I couldn't believe it. I pinched myself on the arm to check if I was sleeping, and lucky me, I wasn't!

Here she is, my beauty:
She's the Orchestra one, so she has these items:
Keyboard. (2 actually, one silver and one a dark grey).

She also had extra headphone pieces with wires sticking out, a set of leeks (duh x'D), megaphone (again, duh x'D), sunglasses, 2 extra faces, extra long sleeves (for extra moe), and 2 sets of hands.

Anyways, enough about that. Here are photos which I took while I was there. Some might have captions underneath them and some might not x'D

 Pinkie Pie and Applejack. I freaked out when I saw them, I love AJ!
 I only took this picture because of the amount of figurines, but I have to admit, the figurines in the glass cases were painted very well, detailed and such. Really pretty!
 I don't know who this guy was cosplaying, but dayum, there was a line of people wanting to take pictures of him x'D
 Just took this pic when I walked in ^^ Pretty big, no?
 Sailor Moon :'D I was planning to get that Luka poster that you can see the bottom part of, but I figured it was too much hassle x'D
 I took this photo to show the size of the building, and I got excited at the 'Tales of Grace F' and 'Panty+Stocking, with Garterbelt' posters hanging from the top. Really pretty :')
 This is the manga I got, called 'Gate 7'. I believe it has 3 or 4 volumes, and I'm quite lucky to have gotten the first one by chance, as I wasn't actually looking at which volume I was getting x'D If you are a big fan of collecting mangas, I really suggest this one. None of the female characters in the first volume have the typical moe eyes, which is a nice change, and the details are very nice. In the 'front' of it it has art of Hana, the girl on the cover. The storyline is great, as it's not a group of magical transforming shoujo, but a mixed group of people and characters. It gets a little confusing near the end of chapter 2 to the middle of chapter 3, but if you just re-read it about 2 or 3 times you'll get it ^^ It also has a lot of fact about Kyoto at the 'back' pages of the manga, as the main place the story is set in is Kyoto. So yes, I recommend this to any avid manga readers ^^ It's only got 3 chapters, but it's actually quite thick (thicker than my 'Mistress Fortune' manga anyway x'D), and different from other mangas :')
 Woo, plushies :'D
 I can see this as a meme saying 'What the fuck is this shit?' because of the way he is sticking his hand out x'D It was pretty cool :') I wanted to find out if one of the troopers was maybe Danny Choo (I suggest you all start reading his blog if you're a fan of Japanese culture, manga, and anime and such), but I didn't want to be awkward x'D
 These guy were awesome :') The one on the left really looked like the 'original' (can't remember his name, been years since I watched star wars x'D)
 Madoka! I didn't even finish asking her if I could take a picture of her and she was already putting her bags down to pose for me x'D She was really sweet though ^^
 Took a picture with Spiderman :') It was actually awkward, since when I asked him if I can take a pic he posed, and then I went up to him to do some camwhoring x'D I think he was just expecting me to take a picture of him posing awesomely, so I'm sorry guy-who-dressed-up-as-Spiderman x'D
 Again, I don't know who he was cosplaying, but he was super nice and that pose just made the picture even more awesome :'D
 This isn't the stand where I got my Miku from, but it was one about 4 or 5 tables away, and the lady there was really happy to see me taking a pic :') I can already see Meiko about 4 Nendo's behind x'D
This stand had some beautiful art, it was actually about 2 or 3 tables but I only took a picture of one, but.. this doesn't do it much justice. There was some steampunk art, fanart, paintings.. everything!
Really cute bag with japanese cartoon prints on them :') At next years con, I'll be bringing 150+ pounds with me so that I can buy 2 or 3 of these x'D The lady at this table was throwing peace signs at the cameras too but I didn't get a photo in time (though you can see a bit of her hand near the top middle of the photo x'D)

So yeah, the convention was awesome. Some sad times, happy times, exciting times. Angry times too, as I spent about 45 minutes walking around Manchester lost (which made me think twice about going alone, and about saying I know Manchester like the back of my hand x'D), since I had people telling me to go McDonald, then library, and all this shit. And then when I arrived and the central, it hit me: the central was right near the building where the top half of it sticks out and makes me think it's gonna fall. I've been walking around for nearly an hour, yet all I had to do was go to that building and go round a corner. Silly me -.-"

Anyways, that's it, I've decided I'll be cosplaying next year, as...*drumroll*.........
Madness of Duke Venomania Luka! You know, the purple-ish dress, pink hair, lots of black ribbon.. yep :'P
I'll be buying the wig but I'm making the dress myself :') Wish me luck d(*v* )

Edit: I wrote this post on Saturday, but I'm only posting it now since I was too lazy to do it yesterday, and I only got on my laptop at 10 on the Saturday I went.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping haul/update, and a shorts tutorial!

Hey everyone, I'm here today with two things: a few sentences on today's shopping in Manchester which I did with my mum, and a tutorial which shows how to make skinny jeans which don't fit you, into shorts, and other accessories!

Well, I went to Manchester with my mum, to do a bit of shopping for me, my mum, and for my dad. I ended up getting vertical striped skinny jeans, which are a peach-pink and white striped (you'll see pics later). I also got a light-blue knot-top, which has a cute but vintage feel to it, since the pink on the collar and pockets is very girly, and yet the cadillac cars print on the blue part is quite eccentric! I got teal-blue flat shoes to match the outfit ^^ My mum got 4 shirts for my dad (2 family guy, 1 with 'AWESOME' written across it, and a mustard yellow one with a space invaders print on it), for me to give for father's day, and she got him 3 plain ones, in white, navy, and black. He was happy with them since I picked out the family guy ones, he's obsessed. Like father like daughter :') My mum only got herself an orange tanktop. She was meant to guy some clothes for her new job but she was scared of overdressing, so she only got a tank top. We were both in a bad mood, as she gets pissed off whenever I'm wandering off and looking at clothes, and I was pissed off with her since she was being sarcastic while shopping, and because I had a cold. But it turns out we definitely have this in common: sitting in cafes and chatting. I had a summer fruit milkshake (which was HUGE), while she had an espresso. They also brought her a cold glass of water with ice, and trust me, we were confused x'D

Once we were back home I tried the clothing on, and everything fit perfectly, but then I noticed that my skinny jeans were too short, since they only reached the lower part of my shins. Turns out they were ankle grazers, and I asked my mum if I can return it tomorrow, and she said that was fine. Since I'm tall they didn't even go to my ankles, so I was really disappointed because they were really nice :'(
When my parents went to their friends house to watch the -Poland v Czech- match, I got an idea. I had cut jeans before and they turned out into nice shorts, so there, I could do that instead of returning them (I was too lazy to return them anyways x'D).

So, here's how to cut a pair of jeans which don't fit you, into cute shorts!

Step 1:- Take your jeans and lay them on a flat surface in your home (I used my bed, sorry about the wrinkles). A table, kitchen counter, maybe even the floor! (make sure it's clean though x'D). Sketch onto them the line where you will be cutting (you only need to do this on one side).
 Step 2:- Fold your jeans in half, making sure the line is in sight, so that you know where to cut. Make sure to fold it properly like I have done here, otherwise your shorts won't be shaped as you want them to be.
 Step 3:- If you aren't satisfied with the line you first sketched (as you can see, I wasn't), sketch another one on. You can put them on too see where you should cut so that the shorts accentuate your body shape.
 Step 4:- Now, just cut! Make sure you keep the jeans folded properly the whole time, otherwise your cutting may go off a bit (or a lot, depends).
 Step 5:- Just unfold now, tidy away any loose threads, and there you go, your new shorts! If you made any mistakes, be sure to cut them away or clean them away.
 Now, you will have a lot of fabric left over, so the possibilities are quite endless! You can make headbands, bows to use in hair or on clothing/shoes, bracelets, necklaces... anything, as long as you have enough fabric for it! I've already made a little bow to glue to a chain, and I'll be making more to make a very girly necklace, and I'll also be making armwarmers. I might blog later about that to update you all ^^
So yeah, there it is, a tutorial for making shorts out of jeans which you can't use/won't need anymore! If you want to, you can use a machine with a thread matching your shorts, to trim them off, or you can distress the shorts (sandpaper rips in, or cut some out roughly). But, if you're lazy like me, you just leave them cut x'D

Anyway, happy father's day everyone, enjoy your Sunday, and I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and post. Here's a picture of me in the shorts and top I bought. Also, I forgot to mention, but the jeans also had a mint coloured slim belt, which is pretty great since I was planning on collecting different colours of those x'D
Sorry about the mess in the back x'D

K, bye all, love you!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Drum roll pls.

Here's how I did both of my french plaits yesterday after the tutorial. Sorry for the derpy face x'D
 And here it is in the morning! As you can see, one side is bigger than the other, and it happens to be the left, as the right side was worn out from yesterdays wave...ness. x'D
It doesn't look at bad as I thought :') But, as you all know, I'm not the brightest girl out there, so I did something stupid with my hair.
I brushed it out a little too much and added a 'Snooki' poof. While it did turn out nice, it made my head a weird shape, so it as just for fun x'D I tried gyaru make-up too, but I only had my little mascara, as I've lost my normal one, so the next time I do gyaru make-up, I'll do far better, promise x'D

But yeah, I'm sat here right now, I changed into normal clothes, and put a nice light blue flower clip where the end of the poof is, but I already miss my wavy hair T_T I'll have to do wavy hair tomorrow since it's school, but this time, I'll use hairspray instead of wax x'D
For some reason I woke up at 7:10 am, even though my alarm clock was on for 8:15, but I guess since it gets light really early now unlike in the winter, my brain just wakes up automatically x'D

I also started drawing a self portrait of myself in my sketch book (yes, I'm a narcissist, I know.) last night, based on this photo:
If it works out well and such, I'll blog about it at one point.

And I hope you all enjoyed this post, I'm sorry for the cam whoring but I can't help it >.<

Bye! xoxo

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Messy beach waves tutorial!

About 2 days ago I was looking at G_S, and someone commented on getting wavy gyaru hair. As in this kind of wavy:

Someone suggested using a 3 Barrell Waver curling iron, which let me tell you all, works wonders, but the waves come out more spaced out and longer, and don't give the 'messy' beach hair look. You know what I recommend doing? French plaits. Eyup.

Here's what I mean. This is my hair on a daily basis (and this time, I'm not sorry for the stupid face, it's the only kind of pout I can actually pull off x'D):
 My hair, as you can see, is wavy already, but the waves are very layered and long, and almost straight (but not really.). Just look and you'll know what kind of hair I have, ok? x'D
 Now, on the back of my head, I split my hair into two big section and a small one on top. The small one I made into a plait, and curled it into a bun, then used bobby pins to hold it down. I used about 4 or 5, since it was bugging me like hell x'D I then took one of my two big sections (in this case, my right), and I french-plaited it (look up how to french plait on youtube or google, this was only my second time, literally, making a french plait, and it looked good, so practice makes perfect). I left about 3 to 4 inches at the bottom, as my hair looks awkward with the very ends waved x'D I only did one side, since this was at about 1 in the morning, and I couldn't find a second bobble -.-"
I fell asleep with the bun and 1 french plait in my hair, and woke up around 8, and voila, here's the result :')
As you can tell, I was happy x'D The pics are edited, but you can still see how the waves look, and trust me, if you have medium, long, or even short hair, this will work somehow and will look good. Be sure to use hairspray or wax/gel to keep it in longer, since I plaited the other side, fell asleep, and the first one had fallen out already, so yeah, make sure you have 2 bobbles prepared x'D

So yes, I hope this helped at least a little bit ^^ I'm definitely not the first one to have this idea or use it, and there are tons of tutorials on youtube, but it's to show that using waving irons doesn't always give you the desired effect ^^

Here are more pics of wavy hair on gyaru:

I hope you find this tutorial useful and the pictures inspiring, I'm actually doing this again since I found a bobble while tidying my desk and table, so I'll definitely have pictures of it tomorrow!

Bye all, hope you enjoyed reading this post! <3

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Oh lord.....

....I haven't posted anything for 50 millenniums, so here's some pics I've collected over the past few months which are good enough to go on here. Some will have info and some won't.
 Dress from Redd, 5 quid. It's cute isn't it :'3
Dress from TK Maxx, parents bought it for me for Children's Day back in Poland :') (since I'm from there and all, LOL x'D).

Small/medium sized crab me and my dad bought in the fish market, unfortunately my mum was away for the weekend in Poland, but, alas, we got 2 large ones the next week, and she liked them :') The head was ripped open for us by the (really really extremely cute) guy at the counter, and the inside of it actually tasted nice :') I recommend you all buy it once in a while, it's quite a challenge to open the claws and such x'D

Fruit, fruit, and... more fruit :'D I'm on a diet, so it's essential for me to eat fruit more often, and they contain a lot of vitamins, and are fucking delicious (duh). That piece of chocolate you see there is the last piece of chocolate I ate this year, as chocolate makes the skin break out easier/quicker than normal.

The afternoon lunch I had about 2 or 3 days ago. It was a tidy one, with the bowls only being half full (once again, for my diet). Home-made chinese which my parents made (and is amazing! And yes, I'm so asian I eat with chopsticks :'P), Bigos (traditional polish food, my mum made it since she makes it the best), and cheese on toast x 2. Altogether, much less than I normally have :')
And finally, home-made milkshake. My mum makes these a lot, and since they're delicious, I really don't mind :'P
It's milk, fresh strawberries, ice, and 2.5 teaspoons of sugar, all into the blender, with a slow cycle at first, then full power. Another one she made up a few days ago is: banana, kiwi, orange, milk, and ice, but this time, no sugar, unless you really want some. Once again, blended slowly then at full power. Really good as a quick drink :')

So yeah, I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, and since my Lightbox was fucking up (my SD cards is partly in fault), I used Pixlr-o-matic instead, and I have to say, it's not as bad as I thought :')

Welp, until next time, whenever that may be, bye bye, and I hope you liked this post and found some of the info and recipes useful, they're quite good for diets and controlling your stomach ^^