Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping haul/update, and a shorts tutorial!

Hey everyone, I'm here today with two things: a few sentences on today's shopping in Manchester which I did with my mum, and a tutorial which shows how to make skinny jeans which don't fit you, into shorts, and other accessories!

Well, I went to Manchester with my mum, to do a bit of shopping for me, my mum, and for my dad. I ended up getting vertical striped skinny jeans, which are a peach-pink and white striped (you'll see pics later). I also got a light-blue knot-top, which has a cute but vintage feel to it, since the pink on the collar and pockets is very girly, and yet the cadillac cars print on the blue part is quite eccentric! I got teal-blue flat shoes to match the outfit ^^ My mum got 4 shirts for my dad (2 family guy, 1 with 'AWESOME' written across it, and a mustard yellow one with a space invaders print on it), for me to give for father's day, and she got him 3 plain ones, in white, navy, and black. He was happy with them since I picked out the family guy ones, he's obsessed. Like father like daughter :') My mum only got herself an orange tanktop. She was meant to guy some clothes for her new job but she was scared of overdressing, so she only got a tank top. We were both in a bad mood, as she gets pissed off whenever I'm wandering off and looking at clothes, and I was pissed off with her since she was being sarcastic while shopping, and because I had a cold. But it turns out we definitely have this in common: sitting in cafes and chatting. I had a summer fruit milkshake (which was HUGE), while she had an espresso. They also brought her a cold glass of water with ice, and trust me, we were confused x'D

Once we were back home I tried the clothing on, and everything fit perfectly, but then I noticed that my skinny jeans were too short, since they only reached the lower part of my shins. Turns out they were ankle grazers, and I asked my mum if I can return it tomorrow, and she said that was fine. Since I'm tall they didn't even go to my ankles, so I was really disappointed because they were really nice :'(
When my parents went to their friends house to watch the -Poland v Czech- match, I got an idea. I had cut jeans before and they turned out into nice shorts, so there, I could do that instead of returning them (I was too lazy to return them anyways x'D).

So, here's how to cut a pair of jeans which don't fit you, into cute shorts!

Step 1:- Take your jeans and lay them on a flat surface in your home (I used my bed, sorry about the wrinkles). A table, kitchen counter, maybe even the floor! (make sure it's clean though x'D). Sketch onto them the line where you will be cutting (you only need to do this on one side).
 Step 2:- Fold your jeans in half, making sure the line is in sight, so that you know where to cut. Make sure to fold it properly like I have done here, otherwise your shorts won't be shaped as you want them to be.
 Step 3:- If you aren't satisfied with the line you first sketched (as you can see, I wasn't), sketch another one on. You can put them on too see where you should cut so that the shorts accentuate your body shape.
 Step 4:- Now, just cut! Make sure you keep the jeans folded properly the whole time, otherwise your cutting may go off a bit (or a lot, depends).
 Step 5:- Just unfold now, tidy away any loose threads, and there you go, your new shorts! If you made any mistakes, be sure to cut them away or clean them away.
 Now, you will have a lot of fabric left over, so the possibilities are quite endless! You can make headbands, bows to use in hair or on clothing/shoes, bracelets, necklaces... anything, as long as you have enough fabric for it! I've already made a little bow to glue to a chain, and I'll be making more to make a very girly necklace, and I'll also be making armwarmers. I might blog later about that to update you all ^^
So yeah, there it is, a tutorial for making shorts out of jeans which you can't use/won't need anymore! If you want to, you can use a machine with a thread matching your shorts, to trim them off, or you can distress the shorts (sandpaper rips in, or cut some out roughly). But, if you're lazy like me, you just leave them cut x'D

Anyway, happy father's day everyone, enjoy your Sunday, and I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and post. Here's a picture of me in the shorts and top I bought. Also, I forgot to mention, but the jeans also had a mint coloured slim belt, which is pretty great since I was planning on collecting different colours of those x'D
Sorry about the mess in the back x'D

K, bye all, love you!

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