Saturday, 18 August 2012

Loli clothing stores in Manchester???!

I was having a little convo with Chama on DeviantArt about her pixel doll, and she mentions that she might do one in an AP or BTSSB dress next. She then said that she loves AP's and BTSSB's new collections.
Now, as you all know, I used to be head-over-frills in love with Lolita, even though my posts didn't show it much. Seriously. I used to spend hours on IW and AP looking and drooling over the lace, the prints, the roses, the put together co-ords, the shapes of the dresses... I was always obsessed!

So, the first thing I did was go onto AP and BTSSB and IW to check out the new collections.
I love the Yukata's on AP, especially the pink and black one (though I prefer the black as you can see the print much better). I also like the JSK's for the Dreamy Horoscope collection, especially the one in pink and navy (I've been liking pink clothing lately, and not just the AP dresses.... maybe my girly side is slowly coming out? x'D). I also LOVE the Glass Bottle of Tears collection, especially the sax+beige dresses.
I'm not even going to mention the Chocolate Rosette, Royal Chocolate, and Picture Book dresses+jsk's+bags+head accessories, cause I have no words for it, apart from 'IWANTITALLSOBADLYIMGONNACRY'. Ahem.
I checked out the BTSSB site too, and though nothing amazing stood out, these dresses are too lovely for me to handle:
Veronica Elisse JSK. It's teal, what's not to love? The ivory looks pretty too!
Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK.  All the colours are lovely, but the main pic shown (offwhitexoffwhite with blue at the bottom) has to be my fave.
Sweet Jewelry Princess Garnet JSK. The Rose Quartz (pink), Ruby (red), and Sapphire (navy) are my faves. I always like the red dresses on BTSSB, they have a royal feel about them. I can't be the only one who thinks that x'D
and last but not least (definitely not the least): Blooming Flower JSK. I mean come on, it's the perfect Lolita dress: perfect amount of lace, roses, A-Line, and can be used for Sweet, Classic, Hime, and Country lolita styles. And it's so Rococo, which is even better x'D And and and, it could be used for Hime-Gyaru is co-ordinated well!
I also like their shoes, especially these boots. The dusty pink and brown is so versatile!

Now, onto IW.
All was fine. All was cute. All was lovely. Until I clicked on the JSK tab.
I started freaking out for real. But you know what's even better? My parents have over 6k+ pounds because of my generous grandmothers (one's even buying me shoes x'd). Which might just mean I can get one dress. My mum promised me ages ago when I was too much into Lolita that she would buy me one, so she owes me x'D I mean, most of them are under 100 quid, and the one I want is about 88: clicky. Clicky click .3.
So yeah, I was chuffed x'D When my parents are back from getting the stuff for the bathroom (they're making over the bathroom, a bit of their bedroom, and my whole bedroom [yes, I will be having lots of roses x'D]), I might ask my mum once they're done decorating if she might be me that dress. If not then I'll get a replica or a BodyLine dress that looks similar x'D
I forgot to post about this, but a few weeks ago I was in Manchester with Megan, Michelle, Alex, and Paige, who are my friends from school, and we all went shopping in Arndale and later on Afflecks (I'll tell you all and interesting story about that later :'3). I had 30 quid on me, and I spent about 8 of it on tickets, food, and a Subway card (yes, I know. But I get free shit for specific amounts of points, so it's worth it :'D), so I had 22 left. I bought myself a top:
It's from Shout, at the 1st floor of Arndale. 5 quid, and practically everything else in Shout is! It's my fave shop there, apart from Kurt Geiger, of course :'333
It's so comfy, I'm wearing it right now actually! I was wearing that mini skirt that you see in the pic, the top, and these shoes:
They seem a little navy and dirty here, but it's just the dust, and I used a philter on my phone like I do with all my photos. They're 4 inch wedges, suade, and black ^^ Only 16 quid from Select!
...after I got into Afflecks. The shoes were hurting my little toes a bit (my feet are like, 2 or 3 mm wider than normal feet, though they're not HUGE wide x'D), but when I tried them on again a few days ago, I could feel nothing of pain in my feet, and I danced to a bunch of SNSD songs in them.. I can't be the only one, right? Their songs are like, perfect to dance to in heels. Maybe that's why they do it x'D

Now, onto Afflecks. I'm being serious now, if you are a Lolita in Manchester, you might've already known thi, but if you didn't, listen up: there are 2 (or 3) shops in the Afflecks building which sell LOLITA. OMIGOSHIKNOWRIGHT???? Michelle was there, and she's a big fan of Goth Loli (although because of the way she looks, she'd look like a 4'9" angel in Sweet or Bittersweet Lolita!), and we just squealed everytime we saw anything remotely similar to Lolita, including the ACTUAL Lolita dresses. It was like a relevation to me. Thank god Paige took us all there (thank you! <3333). There was also a shop which sold these cute sets of Mirrors and metal, yes, metal, hair brushes, sorta like these:
But the mirrors were smaller, and the brushes bigger. Now, by then I hadn't any money left, but since they were only 9 quid, I promised the shop-keeper that next time I was there I would buy one x'D She was like 'O-okay :'3'. I bet she was actually scared though, I mean, she looked so pretty and fragile like a doll >3<

So, ahem, yeah, there's my post, hope you all enjoyed :'D I know I don't post much, but hey, thank you very much to my subscribers/followers for sticking around :'3 I'm nearly at 1k views, so when that comes around, I'll make a special CG on Photoshop for you all, deal? I'll make it a bunch of Loli's and Gyaru x'D 'Cause I'm cool like ice tea ¬3¬

xoxo, Aleks!

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