Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DA account!

Hey everyone! Another quick post here:
I have a DeviantArt account, which I've actually had for nearly a year now, and since I have a bit of art on there, I wanted to show you that I do much more than blogging :'P Here's the link:
I know, I sound like an attention-whore, but like I said before, I do much more than blogging, but since probably none of you knew that, I didn't want to look like a brainless teen making blog posts about random shit all the time :'P
So yeah, enjoy, and fave and comment if you wish ^^
Aleks, xoxo
P.S: Back to normal blogging later this week ^^

Monday, 2 January 2012

Temp. layout!

This current layout is just there until I can get some inspiration for a new one. I've been obsessed with designing clothing too, and since one of my resolutions is to design an outfit a day in the crouquis book my friend gave me, it's a good thing /nod.
Night everyone- and a happy new years once again! Unless you're in Australia. That's just a whole different story though...
...anyways, along with this post, here is a photo I took of the moon, with my new phones camera. It came out looking as if there are 3 moons though. Enjoy either way x'D

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Mini upd. :'D

Just a quick something: I'm watching the firework show in London, on tv, and my dad is like 'We're there next year. Last year it was epic, this year was epic, and next year...well- I can't say anymore.'. So yeah, just a mini update :')