Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BodyLine faves!

I'm falling more and more in love with Sax-Blue/White co-ords in Lolita for some reason, likewise with Red/Off-White and Black/White. And yellow is starting to grow on me, big time.
But do you know why?
Because the dresses I look at on BodyLine sometimes remind me of typical church dresses I wore when I used to go to church (around 6-8 years old, which is while I was still living in Poland). Not all of the dresses on there remind me of church dresses of course, but these are pretty close:
The blue colourway is seriously gorgeous, I really like it! And if I (ever) get a BodyLine dress, this will be my first one. I'd wear it in the spring, and maybe the winter :'3
The yellow colourway is LOVE. I seriously imagine a little girl going to church in a checkered dress, in the countryside. That's why this dress is just perfect church-wear. And it'd look nice with matching shoes, white woolen tights, and a woolen bolero. I dunno, maybe it's just me x'D
And last dress, L320-
I don't like any of the colourways apart from brown, really. Pink looks to sweet, black/white looks a little awkward in checkered, and the purple is just about okay. But in my opinion the brown is amazing. In my heart, ever since I discovered Lolita fashion/style, brown has always caught my attention, and I like any Lolita dresses in brown. Even the lace monsters. Yeah.
Anyways, I like this one because it's a 'grown-up version' of the previous dress. It hasn't got the big bow on the waist-line, and the dress itself isn't tiered, so it has a more toned-down, mature, look. And, the model looks really pretty in it :')

So yeah, those are the dresses which remind me of church-wear. I definitely like the first one most, because it also reminds me of nuns, and the simplicity is fab <3333 And it's just amazing in general x'D

Another thing I wanted to talk about in this post is the new BodyLine model. She has/had a bit of hate going on in Lolita_Secrets, because 'her smile is weird', and 'she's ugly'. I'm sorry, but, are you models yourselves? Do you work hard like she does, while wearing Lolita fashion, which seems to be obvious that she loves? At least she's doing something. All you do is sit on your computer and post rude secrets about her on L_S, hiding behind 'Anonymous', so obviously you must be the ugly one.
And mind you, she has feelings, she's a human-being too. When I noticed a link to her blog, I was really sad to see a post talking about how she's hurt because of those secrets. She's not this famous Lolita celeb. She has a blog, and she seems to have free time, and she does see those secrets. So don't post them. There are barely any now, but, sometimes people are just tempted.
In my opinion, she's gorgeous. I don't know how many of you haters look on her blog, but have you seen some of her photos? She look pretty in them. And yeah, she might not look perfect on the website, but who the fuck cares? In real life, she might be gorgeous, photo or not. She might be one of the kindest people you'd ever meet. Would you hate on your friend if they smiled weird in their photos? No, it's rude. And it's even more rude to say things to someone you haven't even met.
Just think about that for a minute or to, and look into the mirror. Because you're not perfect. No-one is. Don't disrespect others because you think they're 'ugly'.

Phew, okay, post done :'D I got a little frustrated writing it, but, I hope you all enjoyed/enjoy this post.
Love y'all!
Aleks - xo.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

New hair and some photography!

Here is my new hairstyle! I had a full fringe done and layers, and I must say, it looks fucking amazing (when I swear in my posts it means I'm really happy or really angry with something x'D)! The photo isn't excellent, but the other photo of my hair is a little weird because my face looked shit, which is why I'm using this one :'P
I also have lots of pictures of the sky which I took with my new phone. And I mean a LOT of pictures x'D
Hope you all don't mind my scarcity of blog posts so far in 2012, but I'll post more in the coming week.
Love y'all!
P.S: don't my eyes look all big and cute on the photo of my new hair? It's seriously one of my fave photos of me >////<