Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pics, news, and mini update!

Hey bitches, sorry for not posting for a few...months now is it? I don't know lah.
As you all know, I had a full fringe cut in a while back. A few weeks ago I took a few selcas with my fringe down, but lately I've been clipping my fringe back. I'm going to either have it cut again or just grow it out. I'm not into cutesy gyaru looks anymore, but more into the mature styles. I mean, come on, I'm 14 but look 18, and a full fringe just makes me look like a child. It's nice, but, I dunno... I'm confused lah.
So yeah, enjoy the pics gals, I'll be making a post tomorrow about my shopping haul from last Saturday. This time it's a real haul though, not just some bag and shoes which I spent a shit load of money on and haven't worn a lot.
Bye all, I'll 'speak' to you all tomorrow! And thank you followers for sticking with me through my short period of no-posting, I love you all <3333
P.S: Sorry about the pics where I'm making silly faces. I don't have any funny pics of myself so I've lately decided to take one or two everytime I did a selca-session.