Friday, 6 April 2012

Nair Review!

Hey everyone! How y'all doing? I was meant to make this post 2 days ago, but let's just say it's in time ;'P
Here's a picture of the cream in the packaging again, in case you didn't see it in my last entry about Ylang Ylang.
I'm going to review a bit more professionally this time though, not all 'Here's the pros, cons, and whther I like it'. Well, it is going to be like that, but, a lot more organized. Anyway, onto the review ^^

Nair is a hair removal cream for the legs, bikini area, and underarms. Because it contains Camellia Oil and Ylang Ylang, it also moisturizes and exfoliates your skin while removing hair, which leaves it soft and smooth to the touch. It is dermatologically tested.

I tested this on my arm, which is not what it's meant for, but it still shows the after effects of the cream and how it works, so whether it's on the arm or not it doesn't matter. But if you do use this, test it on your legs, underarms, or the bikini area.

Here are the instructions as shown on the side of the packaging:
1. Smooth on the cream in a thick, even layer, covering the hair to be removed. Do not rub in!
2. After 5-6 minutes, test a small area. If the hair does not come away from that area easily, leave it on for a few minutes longer. Do not leave on for more than 10 minutes in total.
3. Shower off with lukewarm water using a wet cloth if required, and pat skin dry with a soft towel. Do not rub or use soap.

The first thing I obviously did is cover a patch of my arm with the cream. I edited this pic by using a different lens, but you can still see the main details:
The patch covered about... hmm, one half of my forearm? The part near my wrist though, not the whole half.x'D

I tried this on my left arm first (no pics, sorry), but I accidentally washed it off with cold water, so the pic you see is of my right arm ^^"

I washed off my right arm with warm water this time, and I have to say, I was half pleased.

The 'inside' of the patch removed the hair really well, I'm only getting stubble just now (after 2 days, which is pretty good). But the 'outside' of the patch didn't do too well, it only removed the hair in bits and pieces, not evenly. This is me trying it on my arm though, not my legs, underarms, or bikini area, so the results there might be different.
Here's my arm after the test.

It was a bit red after removing the cream, but it went away after about 30 seconds, and my arm felt really smooth (even the parts where my arm hair wasn't removed completely), which was really nice. Seems the Ylang Ylang and Camellia Oil paid off :'P Don't mind that freckle by the way, it decides to appear on random times. Shame it chose the moment I was taking the photo, but alas, nothing goes how I want it to ^^" Once again, I used a lens effect on the photo, but you can see the outer edges of my arm with little hairs on it. The center-most of the pic is where the hair was removed. You can see it looks smooth.
Alright, now for the ratings:
Smell - 5/5. The smell is really nice, you can smell the Camellia pretty well, but there's a slight hint of a hospital smell to it. Not something I can't stand though, in fact I quite like it. I like hospitals in general though, so my opinions a little biased.
Texture - 4/5. The texture is creamy, obviously, but feels a little oily at first. Once again though, it's not a big problem unless you don't like oils on your hands or body.
General - 4.5/5. Like I said, it didn't remove all the hair it covered, and it made my arm a little red, but it made my arm smooth afterwards, and the hair didn't appear for 2 days.
Well, I hope you all enjoyed reading this! It was better than my previous 'review' (the Ylang Ylang one), but I swear, the next one will be even better.
If you are trying to get the image of arms out of your heads, here's 2 pics of me yesterday. Don't my legs look lovely? The white patch on my eye in the first pic is just my mirror, I apologize >////<:
In the second pic my face looks a little derpy, but it was the only decent picture of me showing off my new bag x'D Once again, lenses were used in these pics. I don't literally mean lenses though: I use LightBox directly from my phone, so I pick a lens every time I post a photo on there...
Aaaaanywayyyssss, I'm just rambling now. Happy Easter to everypony, love you all! <3333
xoxo, Aleks!

P.S: Yes, I'm a brony. Yes, I watch MLP: Friendship Is Magic. And from now on, it's going to be everypony, not everyone. If you don't like it feel free to send me hate mail:

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

WTF is Ylang Ylang?!

Hey everyone, long time no post :'D In todays post, I'll be talking about Ylang Ylang, an 'essential oil'. An essential oil is taken from plants, and is called 'essential' oil since it is used in many beauty products, and is one of the main components, or is used specifically as an extract. And though they're called oils, they're not actually as oily in form; some essential oils don't even have a thick consistency, it's just the fact that they come from plants that they are called, well... essential oils.
Ylang Ylang has a medium consistency, which is about between the consistency of water and honey. It naturally smells fruity, floral, and overall very sweet. It's used in a lot of products these days, mainly bath products or shaving creams. Like this one right here that I have:
You can see it has Camelia Oil and Ylang Ylang. And it has a delicate fragrance due to Ylang Ylang, which itself is described as having a 'delicate' fragrance or smell to it. Isn't Ylang Ylang amazing?
Now, like most oils, Ylang Ylang is relaxing, but this baby right here can ALSO relieve hypertension and depression, among other things which bother people in their day-to-day life.
But, just like anything else, there are also cons about Ylang Ylang. If used excessively, it can cause nausea and headaches. It can also harm babies and small children/toddlers if not used properly, which means it's not something for everyone of every age. And the obvious: don't drink it. Unless it happens to be drinkable for some reason. I think you all knew that by now though!

So, there it is, Ylang Ylang. I think it's amazing, because of the richness in relaxing and relieving certain things, and because there aren't a lot of cons (whereas other oils have a lot of them).
This wasn't an advert, and it reflects my true opinion and true facts from various sources. I don't think there are companies anyway who would pay others to write about Ylang Ylang, so, erm, yeah x'D
My next post will be tomorrow, about the Nair hair removal cream (pictured above). I actually can't wait to review it, I've tried other creams just like it numerous times, but they never worked. I'm hoping I'll do it right this time, and that you can all read the post to decided whether you want to use it. I heard Veet is really good too, especially for chest hair (as a guy revealed in my science lesson. He says it's wonderful x'D), so I'll get that another time and review it. I know it seems like all I'll be doing now are adverts, but they're not paid ones (I'm not old enough anyway), and I just want to show you all how I can do reviews (and how my next one will be far better than this one. This one wasn't too organized).
Bye all!
xoxo- Aleks